Mission and Values


TEAM provides integrated financial, operations and workforce management solutions using technology, software and associated services to assist our clients in increasing profit from efficiency.

Core Values

There are 10 core values that shape our employee-ownership culture and inspire our common mission and vision.


We believe in treating all employees, customers and business contacts with utmost respect in every situation.


We believe that we can accomplish great things by leveraging the collective talent of all team members in a collaborative, positive, goal-oriented environment. We encourage idea sharing, respectful feedback and an unconditional willingness to help across all departments.


We believe in doing the right thing for the company, its employees and customers. Honesty, transparency and open communication are the base of our moral foundation.

Strong work ethic

We believe in working smart, working efficiently and never hesitating to go the extra mile to satisfy a customer or fellow employee.

Customer focused

We believe that the best interests of our customers should be at the heart of every action and decision we make.


We believe that unmatched quality is the essential foundation for not only our products, but for every action in the customer experience from initial sales contact to customer service calls.


We believe that profitability serves the mutual interests of clients, employees and owners. TEAM’s prosperity is bound to our ability to help clients increase profits and succeed. It provides the fuel for sustained service, growth and quality of life that we seek through our work together.

People development

We believe in encouraging employees to achieve their personal best in all aspects of their lives. We provide opportunities for employees to enhance knowledge, skills and responsibility.


We believe in leading the market with creative, innovative products and services which will positively impact the way our customers do business. Through innovation, we can create opportunities that allow for personal and company growth.


The culmination of all our core values is trust. We trust each employee to do his/her job conscientiously and efficiently. We believe in conducting business in a way that garners ultimate faith and trust from our customers.


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