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12/15/15 | 8:00AM | Posted by TEAM Software

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In marketplaces with tough competition and thin margins, customer service is often what differentiates your business from competitors and gives you an edge. For building service and security contractors, it also can be a challenge to meet diverse customer expectations and contractual obligations. That’s where a comprehensive quality assurance program driven by accessible technology can help. Leveraging the right tools – in the right places – can make it much easier to listen to your clients and maintain high standards. There are three main things that you can achieve with quality assurance technology to help you provide excellent service and attract and retain customers.


Increase Accountability.

With many quality assurance solutions you can leverage mobile inspections and surveys to gauge customer satisfaction, measure the quality of employee service and keep customers in the loop, without having to rely on phone calls, emails or paper notes. You or your customer can fill these out on the Internet or through mobile technology and attach details like photos or notes for added proof of service. You can address any deficiencies right away and then share results and reports with your customers for added transparency.

Enhance Efficiency.

Having integrated quality assurance tools in place means you can spend less time on manual processes and more time focusing on client needs. With those types of tools, you have a mechanism for gathering feedback that allows you to quickly follow up – all electronically. You can then review reports and results from that feedback, which allows you to analyze trends and look for opportunities for improvement in real-time.

Simplify Compliance.

Contractual obligations. Licensing. Internal and external policy requirements. There’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to ensuring your workforce and service are compliant with these requirements. An integrated quality assurance solution can reduce your risk in these areas. If your quality assurance technology is integrated with your compliance management and human resources software, you can streamline the entire process – from assessing knowledge and conducting job site audits or inspections to maintaining the results and tying them to a specific employee.


Just having an integrated quality assurance solution doesn’t mean your business automatically will be more successful. However, it does mean you have the opportunity to excel. The best technology tools can drive transparency, efficiency and compliance. And those factors are key in standing out and winning business.



Watch this short video about TEAM’s Quality Assurance solution.

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