[Avalara Webinar]: Sales Tax Audit Survival Guide

08/16/16 | 8:00AM | Posted by TEAM Software

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avalara certified partnerNobody likes a sales tax audit…unless you’re an auditor. That’s why our sales tax integration partner Avalara is hosting a webinar with an expert from Peisner Johnson & Company to help explain what you can do to avoid costly penalties and keep your business audit ready.

Leading sales tax expert Andy Johnson will break down the essential do’s and don’ts before (and after) the auditor comes knocking.

He’ll also share lessons learned from working with hundreds of companies.

Join this free webinar presented by Avalara on Tuesday, August 23 at 1:00 PM CDT to learn:

  • The most common audit red flags
  • What to do if you receive an auditor notice
  • How to avoid the most common audit pitfalls

Register for the webinar here.

TEAM’s Strategic Partnership with Avalara

avalara certified partner

For more than a year, TEAM Software has had a strategic partnership with Avalara, a company developing best-in-class sales tax compliance software. Sales tax compliance is a challenging, often manual, undertaking that’s nearly impossible to keep up with and execute accurately. With thousands of tax jurisdictions and tens of thousands of tax rules that are always changing, Avalara’s software delivers instant sales tax decisions based on precise geo-locations and continuously updated tax data.

As an Avalara certified partner, TEAM can offer clients a robust, end-to-end sales tax management solution with WinTeam, our core accounting and financial solution. Once a client has set up an account with Avalara and has worked with Avalara to set up all relevant tax codes, configuration in WinTeam is simple and the integration is seamless. Sales tax is automatically calculated in WinTeam with the click of a button, and in a few easy steps, clients can process invoices, post applicable sales tax to the General Ledger and send the sales tax data to Avalara for further processing. Together, we’re simplifying sales tax management and compliance so you can focus on your business and profit from efficiency.