Building Blocks to Shape the Future

01/31/17 | 8:00AM | Posted by TEAM Software

Client feedback is a building block to a successful future.TEAM Client Conference is one of those special events where the time and money invested result in benefits across the business spectrum — for both TEAM and our clients. During the conference, the interactions, conversations and relationships that are formed are the building blocks for future success.


For clients, the main goal of the conference is to take part in valuable training courses, not only to learn how to use new features and products, but also to learn more efficient ways to use TEAM’s solutions. Clients can also spend time in the Product Innovation Lab where TEAM showcases new and upcoming solutions. But it’s more than all that — attendees will have the chance to network with other TEAM clients to share experiences and industry-based knowledge. They can also network and build relationships with TEAM employees and share feedback directly with TEAM employee owners. And, that feedback — well, that’s one of the most important parts for TEAM because it helps shape the future of TEAM solutions.


Client feedback is just one of many factors TEAM uses to determine feature products and solutions. We also evaluate market trends, innovation, technology advances, business growth potential and more. At TEAM Client Conference 2016, our Product Management group explained the simple, effective strategy they use to manage our product roadmap:

  • Listen to our clients (that’s where you come in), anticipate and adapt
  • Make value-based decisions
  • Reimagine and innovate
  • Communicate clearly and regularly


Now, since TEAM Client Conference only happens once a year, we encourage clients to use the new Idea Portal to submit feedback and new ideas, as well as vote on other client-submitted ideas. The Product Management group reviews all ideas submitted and works to incorporate the most valuable ideas into the roadmap.


Now, all of that sounds great and looks good on paper, but we’re of the mindset, “put your money where your mouth is,” so here are a couple of examples of how client feedback has made an actual impact on TEAM’s products:

  • eHub was redesigned in 2016 with a modern look using newer technology best practices, like responsive design. Since its release, we’ve added and enhanced features to continue meeting the needs of our clients.
  • The paid sick leave feature was released at the end of 2016 to help clients create usage limits for the paid sick leave benefit, separating the total hours available from the total hours accrued.


This year in the Product Innovation Lab at TEAM Client Conference, we’ll showcase new features including:

  • Text message and mass messaging through WinTeam and eHub.
  • A dashboard with analytics designed to provide key performance indicators directly from WinTeam data.
  • Plus, a never-before-seen product that TEAM has been working on to fill market needs, with modern design and functionality.


The theme for TEAM Client Conference 2017 (March 28-30) is, “Shaping the Future. Together.” Register now to be a part of what’s next. Wouldn’t you like to help us shape the future?