Services Magazine: The Benefits of Workloading Technology

12/11/14 | 8:00AM | Posted by TEAM Software

CATEGORIES: Best Practices, Solutions

Workloading-01In his article, “The Benefits of Workloading Technology,” Chris Towery looks at how leveraging a software solution can increase the efficiency and accuracy of bidding and estimating work. It can be difficult to accurately estimate the time and resources needed to complete jobs due to the different variables involved at each site. However, with workloading technology, building service contractors can base estimates on optimized, competitive numbers for each job. Towery states, “Such technology eliminates the guesswork and streamlines the calculations needed to arrive at an equitable bid.”

The article also highlights a few of the benefits of leveraging workloading technology including the simplicity and efficiency such solutions provide and the added professionalism and transparency bids have as a result. As TEAM Sr. Vice President of Client Experience Jill Davie noted in the article, “Workloading software enables BSCs to provide flexible options to potential customers, which opens the door to meaningful conversations about pricing and service levels.”

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