Accounting and Financial Management

WinTeam’s accounting and financial management component goes beyond basic bookkeeping with advanced financial and budgeting tools. Since WinTeam’s financial data is integrated with operations and workforce management data in one seamless solution, you benefit from shared, accurate information and increased efficiency.

Job Costing: Create killer budgets.

WinTeam’s unique job-centric methodology ties every transaction in the software to a job number or service location. This means you can budget labor, materials and other direct costs down to the job level. When you can pinpoint profitability by job, you can make smarter decisions to reduce costs and maximize revenue opportunities.


  • GL integration
  • Precise budgeting tools
  • Customized reporting

General Ledger: Smart financial management.

One practice that differentiates successful companies from the rest is effectively managing cash flow, which involves more than just tracking revenue and expenses. The General Ledger in WinTeam is the repository of all the financial transactions across your business, and it can help you keep a laser-like focus on the funds moving in and out of your company. With the wealth of data in a well-maintained GL, you can also generate powerful financial statements tailored to your needs.


  • Inter-company transactions
  • Consolidated financial statements
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Trial balance

Accounts Payable: Simplify payments.

WinTeam’s Accounts Payable module leverages shared data and smart tools to streamline and automate your processes, saving you both time and money. From vendor and invoice management to automatic payments, WinTeam AP simplifies your payment process.


  • Vendor management
  • Recurring and ACH payments
  • Payroll integration for garnishment management
  • Purchase orders
  • Reconciliation tools
  • Credit liability transfers

Accounts Receivable: Bring cash in faster.

You can reduce your customers’ time-to-payment significantly thanks to integrated data in WinTeam’s Accounts Receivable module. AR tools enable you to process invoices faster with ready-to-go data from WinTeam’s operations component, including completed work ticket and timekeeping information from schedules. You can also deliver invoices to clients instantly via email or online through TEAM’s customer self-service portal.


  • Collection tools
  • Sales tax management
  • Cash flow management
  • Recurring invoices for fixed billing rates
  • Inventory integration

Fixed Assets: Understand your company’s exact value.

Managing your fixed assets correctly over the long term is crucial to accurate financial statements and tax compliance. It also gives you a more precise view of your business’s value.


  • Track equipment assets, repairs, and non-depreciable items
  • Assign equipment to jobs
  • Allocate the cost of one piece of equipment to multiple jobs