Business Intelligence and Analytics

Get more out of the financial, operations and workforce management data you already have in WinTeam.

Seriously smart. Surprisingly simple.

Business Intelligence leverages key features of SAP® BusinessObjects™ combined with our reporting-optimized data warehouse. Our Business Intelligence and Analytics solution includes custom reporting, charts and graphs that give you the ability to gather insight across your organization. Business Intelligence makes it easy to dig into your data so you can maximize resources, bring visibility to growth opportunities and make smart business decisions. With Business Intelligence, you’re the database expert: Use simple drag-and-drop functionality on the user-friendly interface to build sophisticated reports and visuals in no time.



Web Intelligence

  • Leverage pre-built reports or create custom reports and ad-hoc analysis yourself.
  • Share analytics with decision-makers.
  • Create report templates once and schedule them to run automatically.
  • Access reports on the BI web platform or mobile app.
  • Make business decisions quickly and efficiently.


  • See your current metrics at a glance.
  • Use pre-built dashboards or build your own.
  • Assess areas of strength and discover opportunities for growth.
  • Use “what-if” scenarios to weigh future decisions.
  • Monitor dashboards on the fly through mobile.

Crystal Reports

  • Optimal for highly formatted or complicated reports.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of your company.
  • Deliver valuable insight to decision-makers and stakeholders in a user-friendly format.

“We can auto-generate customized reports, saving a ton of time and effort. It’s like having a personal assistant that always shows up for work and never complains.”

– Hena Konditi, Accounting Manager, Titan Security