Compliance Management

We have more than 25 years’ experience meeting our clients’ compliance needs, from payroll taxes to Department of Labor regulations.

Reduce Risk

We know how tough it is to keep up with local, state and federal regulations, and a lack of compliance measures exposes your company to unnecessary risk. Laws like the Affordable Care Act complicate the already complex terrain of human resources management. Payroll and sales taxes are difficult to comply with accurately. Even simply making sure your employees are certified, trained and qualified to work at your job sites can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created solutions and developed strategic partnerships to make it easier on you to clear compliance hurdles and reduce your risk.


Affordable Care Act

Our industry-leading Insurance Benefits Management solution was developed to simplify benefits management and help employers comply with Affordable Care Act health insurance requirements. With this end-to-end solution, you can carry out every step in the process from determining eligibility through payroll deductions. You’ll get a comprehensive audit trail for compliance and 1095-C/1094-C reporting purposes. Learn more here.


Employee Certifications and Training

Having properly certified, trained and qualified employees is vital to your success as a contract service provider. Compliance Tracker in WinTeam simplifies the process of tracking and updating employee compliances like licenses, onboarding and training classes, job qualifications and certifications. Set up automatic email alerts to notify employees and managers of upcoming due dates to keep compliances current. Our scheduling system will also alert you if employees don’t meet post or job requirements, or have out-of-date compliances. You can even use our learning management system integration to give your employees access to online training courses to maintain compliance. Completed course information is automatically uploaded to the Compliance Tracker every day so you always have the latest data.

Watch: TEAM University – Learning Management System Integration

Payroll Taxes 

We know that processing payroll involves more than simply producing paychecks. That’s why we’ve partnered with ADP® on an interface to its payroll tax reporting service. With this service you can continue to manage payroll and workforce data in WinTeam and significantly reduce the risk and administrative overhead involved with filing payroll taxes. Learn more on our Extensions page.


Sales Taxes

Together with sales tax powerhouse Avalara, we’ve partnered to create an end-to-end sales tax compliance solution that works seamlessly with WinTeam’s billing tools. Learn more here.