Employee and Customer Self-Service

Reduce costs and administrative time. Boost efficiency and productivity. Automate processes. Strengthen transparency and accountability. Engage and empower employees. Retain and attract customers. Increase satisfaction. All this – and more – with eHub, an integrated self-service web portal and mobile app for your employees and customers.

An Integrated, Multi-Channel Self-Service Solution

Give your employees tools to do their jobs successfully and meet your customers’ needs proactively with eHub, an Employee and Customer Self-Service solution. It’s integrated, meaning data flows seamlessly from the field to the back office, so you always have the latest information wherever you are. It’s multi-channel so your employees and customers can access the information they need any time through a secure web-based portal or on a mobile app for Apple® and Android™ devices.

Workforce Management with Employee Self-Service

Simplify operations and workforce management and empower your employees. With eHub, your field-based supervisors, employees and account managers have instant access to the tools and information they need to manage jobs, people and personal information effectively. Studies show that billions of dollars are lost annually to employee turnover and that companies with engaged employees easily outperform other companies, especially in service industries. A self-service solution is an easy way to boost engagement and productivity.

 Manage jobs:

  • See job information and location
  • Access, sign** and complete work tickets
  • Submit and review work requests
  • Complete surveys and inspections and attach images
  • Capture signatures on surveys and inspections**
  • View customer invoices and requests
  • Monitor job budgets and profitability
  • See time and attendance information in real-time**
  • Find schedule replacements
  • Create billable work tickets on the fly**

Manage people:

  • View and modify schedules and timekeeping information
  • Send employee schedule notifications and request confirmation
  • Review compliance information
  • Analyze employee roster and turnover reports*
  • Leverage targeted communication tools
  • Track time-off and absences*

Manage personal information:

  • View pay stubs, W-2s, hourly benefit balances (PTO/sick)
  • Update contact information
  • Enroll in and review benefits and view 1095-C forms*
  • Clock in and out of jobs**

*web portal only

**mobile only

Boost Customer Retention with Customer Self-Service

A small increase in customer retention can reflect a huge boost to your bottom line, so providing superior customer service and ensuring satisfaction should be Priority One. A customer self-service solution goes a long way in connecting with your customers and increasing transparency, reducing response time and proving accountability. It also can offer a competitive advantage and help you win new business. That’s not to mention the cost-savings that comes along with eliminating paper and making processes more efficient.



Customers can:

  • View electronic invoices, job information, time and attendance information**, schedules and targeted communication items from your company
  • Request additional work, coverage or other items and see up-to-date request statuses
  • Review reports with turnover, roster and compliance information*
  • Perform inspections or complete surveys and see results and deficiency status
  • Sign off on inspections and work tickets**

*web portal only

**mobile only


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