Software as a Service

We’ve been offering our solutions on the cloud since 2001. With this method of delivering our solutions over the internet, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), you get more than just software.

Cloud-Based Solutions for Your Business

Our Software as a Service solution not only gives you access to your software on the cloud, it’s an end-to-end solution that includes the infrastructure, data center, value-added supporting services and business continuity plan. No need to worry about expensive equipment upgrades because we have that covered. Plus, as your business grows, our cloud solution grows with you. It’s easy to add users and functionality to meet your needs without having to purchase additional hardware or IT services. One of the biggest benefits of having software on the cloud is that you can access it anywhere, anytime with just an internet connection. That means you can work from home or on the road, and your experience is the same no matter where you are. Your staff can collaborate and be productive whether they’re in the office or at another location.

We’re here to help you get the most out of your investment and free up your time so you can focus on your business. After all, we don’t call it Software as a Service for nothing.


Best-of-Breed Infrastructure:

  • Hundreds of servers in an optimized environment configured to the exact specifications of the software, maintained using best practices and built to provide redundancy.
  • Microsoft and other licensing requirements.
  • Enterprise-grade networking equipment and internet backbone.
  • Enterprise-class storage solution (SAN) with fast read/write capabilities, built-in fault tolerance and redundant disks, controllers and power supplies.
  • Phone lines configured to handle an average of 4 million phone calls per month on our telephone timekeeping solution.

First-Class Midlands Data Center:

  • Tier IV facility based in Nebraska, designed to handle mission critical systems. Tier IV means that it has met rigorous requirements in terms of infrastructure, security, redundancy, fault tolerance, cooling, availability and environmental standards.
  • LEED Gold-Certified, Energy Star Certified, compliant with OSHA, able to withstand 250 mph winds, located outside of the 500-year flood plain.
  • Designed to encounter just 26 minutes of downtime per year.
  • Redundant subsystems, including two distinct power grid sources, two generators plus a back-up generator and four days’ worth of fuel on hand and battery backup.
  • Enterprise-class cooling system and separate HVAC, water and power distribution paths.
  • Physical security and monitoring systems like photo, fingerprint and ID validation through badge readers and biometrics throughout the facility, 24/7 video surveillance and onsite security personnel.
  • State-of-the-art alert system monitoring temperature, humidity, dew point, airflow and smoke.

Supporting Services:

  • IT engineers with comprehensive expertise in a number of technology areas including systems, networks, storage and security.
  • IT experts perform all software updates, including program updates, Microsoft updates and virus protection, in a virtually seamless and stress-free process for clients.
  • On-site hourly back-ups and secure off-site backups of data with a trusted third-party provider.
  • Cutting edge data security, including Intrusion Protection Service (IPS) modules that scan and detect malicious activity and are updated daily to ensure they have the latest information to detect threats immediately.
  • Quarterly reviews of firewall logs as well as a once-per-year penetration test of our public-facing environment to reduce potential security risks.
  • Frequent equipment upgrades and seamless software updates.