Time and Attendance

Automate timekeeping processes, control labor costs and manage your distributed workforce effectively with our integrated time and attendance solutions.

Timekeeping Your Way

The TeamTime solution simplifies time and attendance management by automating your timekeeping processes – and it’s no secret that automating processes saves time and money. TeamTime uploads timekeeping information directly into our financial and operations system, which eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors and makes expensive interfaces unnecessary. With timekeeping information immediately ready for payroll, invoicing and reporting, you spend less time fussing with data and more time focusing on high-value activities. And with multiple ways to handle timekeeping and monitor attendance, you decide the most effective way to manage that piece of your business.

Time Collection Methods


Telephone timekeeping is the most popular method of capturing employee time. In fact, TEAM’s data center handles an average of 4 million timekeeping calls per month (and climbing). TeleTeam is a trusted solution that just requires a telephone, designated phone number and an employee ID number. Employees can clock in and out in a matter of seconds and their location is verified with Caller ID. It’s as simple as that. It also features voice verification and a Spanish language option.

Time Clock Software

TeamTime Portal is time clock software with biometric authentication capabilities. Employees can clock in and out using fingerprint or face image identity verification, so it’s perfect for high-security areas or events. As a virtual time clock, it’s touchscreen compatible and runs on any tablet, laptop or device with a Windows OS and a continuous internet connection. TeamTime Portal also features multiple language capabilities, kiosk mode and access to our self-service portal. You can also create a schedule on the fly for payroll based on the employees who show up and clock in to work.


TeamTime for Mobile lets your employees use their mobile device to clock in and out and uses GPS verification to confirm employee location. Since TeamTime for Mobile is part of our self-service mobile app, employees can leverage other job-related tools on their phone or tablet, and you can enjoy the productivity that comes with on-the-go workforce management.

Time and Attendance Management Tools

TeamTime’s management tools help you confirm your employees are on site and on time so you can address attendance issues immediately to make sure shifts and job sites are covered. Set up a wide array of alerts via email, voicemail or text to notify you of issues like tardiness, absenteeism, Caller ID mismatches and other attendance problems. Since different job sites may require different approaches, you can configure alerts based on your needs.


  • Real-time attendance information via desktop or mobile app
  • Labor cost-control measures, like travel-time parameters and clock in/out tolerances
  • Self-service tools to monitor, edit and approve timekeeping records for payroll
  • Comprehensive reporting on timekeeping records, call statistics, errors and exceptions