Delivering Value to Our Customers in 2018

03/06/18 | 9:00AM | Posted by TEAM Software


TEAM Software outlines goal plan for 2018.


It has been said that the difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do. In that spirit, TEAM Software launched the TEAM Code in the fall of 2017 to better define our brand identity —  who we are, what we do and who we aspire to be. In addition to defining the things that make the company unique, we outlined a new mission, vision and values that better align with our strategic direction for the future. So, when the time came to determine our plan and goals for 2018, the TEAM Code seemed like a good way to inform what we’re aiming to accomplish.


“The TEAM Code outlines how and why we do business at TEAM. It was only natural for us to use it as a guiding force, along with what we’ve committed to in the last year, when developing our goals for 2018,” said John Leiferman, President and CEO of TEAM. “A key piece of the TEAM Code is our shared belief in three core values: keep customers first, be accountable and do more. Everything we do — from the day-to-day to the long term — ties back to these values.”


Keep customers first.

We know that to be successful as a company, we must provide our customers with technology solutions that maximize their potential and support them with a customer experience that’s second to none. So, for 2018, we’re going to deliver unparalleled value to our customers through our solutions and service. Every. Single. Day.


While the customer experience has always been top of mind for TEAM, our renewed focus was reinforced last year when we eliminated fees for customer service calls and when we committed to a regular touch point with every client. We are continuing that focus this year by simplifying our pricing as our products and services expand and by offering more solutions at no additional charge, like the new insights dashboard. We also added quarterly webinars to keep our customers up-to-date on what’s happening at TEAM and the status of our product roadmap. Plus, you can now manage the types of email communications you want to receive from TEAM with our new email preference center, included in the footer of every email. Bottom line, our main goal is to strengthen our relationships with our customers any way we can.


Be accountable.

We always aim to do what we say we’re going to do. As an employee-owned company, it’s our responsibility to hold each other accountable to do the right thing for our customers and each other. To achieve our company mission of helping our customers do more and empower their people through efficiency-enhancing technology, we have to bring our best, every day. And more importantly, we must follow through.


One way we’re doing that is by monitoring customer feedback and ideas submitted and supported on the Idea Portal. The adoption of the portal has been great (there are almost 600 ideas).  And, we are delivering on those top ideas. For example, we released the new messaging service, a top-voted idea on the portal, in December 2017, and based on many ideas and requests, the new accounts receivable bundle is coming later this year. We’re also building new application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect WinTeam data to new vendors that can help you streamline your processes.


Another way we’re holding ourselves accountable is by continuously investing in our technology infrastructure and data centers. While these investments are often invisible to you as customers, our efforts have helped reduce unplanned downtime by 84.5 percent since 2016, and our planned downtime has decreased 21.3 percent in that same time. Investments like these are just another way we maintain our commitment to providing our customers with an always-on connection.


Do more.

Our company history is deeply intertwined with the concept of doing more. Nearly 30 years ago, TEAM defined what an industry-specific software solution for building service and security contractors should be. And, we’re not stopping there: Our vision is to make companies with distributed workforces more productive, competitive and successful through transformative technology. We’re expanding our industry focus and knowledge and building on our brand and reputation as an industry leader. Our BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to create simple solutions for complex problems.


So, how do we plan to achieve the BHAG?

  • Attract the best and most talented employee owners available, in addition to retaining the ones we already have through professional development, promotion and recognition.
  • Implement more efficient and effective internal processes — when we run like a well-oiled machine, so do our customers. And, we’ve already started by updating our software development and deployment processes.
  • Listen and learn about industry challenges through research, industry events, TEAM Client Conference, client advisory board meetings and more.
  • Help our customers tackle their big-picture problems through added services like TEAM’s new Pro Services.
  • Continuously improve our solutions through regular delivery of new features and enhancements to help our customers run their business more efficiently.


Keep customers first. Be accountable. Do more. These are more than just inspirational values. They’re the force behind everything we do. From focusing on modernizing our expertise to defining what’s next, we’re ready to take the remaining 43 weeks of 2018 to achieve great things.