An Employee-Owned Company

TEAM has been employee-owned since 2007. That means everyone who works at TEAM has a stake in the company's success.

Success Driven by an Employee-Ownership Culture

We are incredibly proud to be a part of an employee-owned company. Studies show that employee owners have about three times more in their retirement savings than the average employee, and that’s a major perk. But being an employee owner is about more than just a financial statement. Statistically, employee-owned companies routinely outperform other companies by leaps and bounds. So, what’s the secret to our success?

We own it.

Ask anyone what the best part about working here is and you’ll hear the same thing repeatedly: the culture. More than buzzwords, we have a vested interest in the long-term success of the company, so we think and act like owners. More importantly, we’re treated like owners. In fact, our motto is “Own it,” and that applies to everything from how we interact with each other, how we serve our clients and the decisions we make every day. Each of us actively participates in accomplishing the company’s strategic goals, and we meet once a month to review our financial performance and other key metrics.

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Even our clients notice the employee-ownership difference:

“TEAM Software customer service appears to me to be Job One. Part of that comes from the employee ownership, which is something that was also of interest to us because everyone truly has a stake in the success of TEAM Software. The only way that TEAM can be successful is if Marsden is successful.”

– Sita Morantz, President & Chief Administrative Officer, Marsden Holding