Defining What’s Next

Evolving Our Software to Provide Value Now – and in the Future

“What’s next?”


That’s always the question in the software business. In the mid-1980s, Frank Labedz, TEAM Software founder and Chairman of the Board, saw a need, asked himself that question and paved the way for the revolutionary platform that is now WinTeam. For the first time, a software system brought together the financial, operations and workforce management components of contract building service and security businesses, enabling them to gain efficiency in the back office, save money and pinpoint profitability down to the job level. It broke new ground and changed the game.


Now, it’s 2018, and we’re about to do it again.


While WinTeam continues to set the standard in these industries, we are also committed to planning for our future. This means not only making sure we’re ahead of today’s challenges like W-4 changes, but also that we’re actively building what’s next, moving away from reliance on Citrix to deliver our applications, enabling the easy exchange of data with other systems and delivering applications with an outstanding user experience.


Tools exist today that were not available when we developed our current product suite. We’re taking advantage of them to propel us forward. We’re modernizing our expertise to solve problems in transformative ways and using 30 years of industry experience to create an exceptional new platform. At the initial launch, slated for the beginning of 2019, it’ll be an essentials-only application, perfect for the small business owner who doesn’t need TEAM’s enterprise-level solutions. This right-sized software will provide small business owners with a cost-effective way to manage their distributed workforce and set the stage for growth. And, in the future, it will be an all-in-one toolset and data hub that can scale to meet the needs of any-sized business, from the startup to the national industry leader.


We introduced this initiative at TEAM Client Conference 2018 in April to the crowd of more than 200 customers from all over North America. Attendees could test and provide input on the in-development solution in the Product Innovation Lab at the conference as well, establishing vital feedback loops as we continue developing the product. We also connected with a few customers willing to test drive the product as beta users to ensure we’re solving real problems customers face today. Watch the video below to see what we’re talking about.



In the meantime, we are as committed as ever to supporting our current solutions, keeping our customers first, and delivering the same level of service and value we always have. WinTeam will continue to meet our customer demands until the day our new product can match their needs. As we build this new solution, our customers will truly drive the direction of the product. We’re looking forward to engaging our customers as our solutions evolve and to providing new possibilities for small business owners looking to grow.


Our vision for the future is to help our customers realize theirs. And, our goal in sharing this information is to spark conversation about how we’re planning for the future. As a technology partner, we must focus on innovation. So, we are taking a page from the playbook that started it all by making cutting edge software solutions that redefine how business is done in this industry. With the expertise of a 30-year-old mainstay and the spirit of an innovative startup, we’re on a mission to define what’s next.