Why Your Janitorial Business Needs Holistic Technology

Three ways you can grow your commercial cleaning business with an integrated technology solution.

It’s a tough market for janitorial contractors. Competition is fierce. Profit margins are thin. Labor costs are high. Workforces are distributed. Because of these challenges, it’s important for businesses in the janitorial and commercial cleaning industries to ensure they’re as efficient as possible to keep operating costs as low as possible. One way to do that is by leveraging a holistic technology solution, like an ERP system, that helps you better manage your business from top to bottom — accounting and financials, operations and workforce management, human resources and payroll, timekeeping, work scheduling, employee and customer self-service, and more. Integrated software keeps your business in sync, running smoothly and on track for success, despite the obstacles you face. Here are some key ways integrated technology can move your janitorial business forward.

Maximize efficiency

Do more with less. Integration leads to more efficient processes, so your business can do more in less time and with fewer staff. For example, things that may have been accomplished manually in the past — entering employee timekeeping information, managing projects and work requests, communicating with field staff, inputting data into multiple entry points, etc. — are automated with an integrated system. This eliminates errors and the delays and issues that come with that, so you can spend more time and effort on higher-value activities. And, because your business saves so much time with streamlined processes, you can experience growth without adding more people.

Dig into your data

In an industry with tough competition, it’s important to get ahead and stay ahead. One way to do this is by improving your bottom line by paying close attention to your data. Because an ERP software system leverages shared data, you have access to the latest, in-depth information from across your organization, from equipment and supply costs, to time and attendance information, to job and labor budgets, to work going on at customer sites. You can review daily, detailed reports to ensure your financials and other key performance indicators are on target. For example, since labor costs hover around 50 percent of expenses, janitorial contractors need to closely manage labor budgets and workforces. With the tools from your integrated solution, you can immediately see overages on labor or other costs, ideally at the job site level, and correct them before they become major problems. Better still, with integrated business intelligence, you can dig even deeper into the wealth of data in your ERP to truly get a 360-degree view of your business.

Get a real-time view of the field

You need to know what’s happening on site, even when you’re not there. An all-in-one workforce management solution can give you a virtual, real-time view of your field with a live calendar. That way you can know who’s clocked in — and who’s not — and act quickly to manage call-offs and no shows and make sure your shifts are covered.

Ensure you’re leveraging the right tools to effectively manage your janitorial business and to overcome the challenges that are a part of the industry. See how other janitorial contractors are building sustainable success with fully integrated software by downloading this free white paper.