Developing Future Developers

Students get real-world experience at a modern agile tech company.

You need experience to get experience. It’s a catch-22 for most new graduates. You’ve got your degree but finding a job might be hard because employers are looking for new hires with experience and the degree. So, what do you do? The answer is simple — get an internship. Internships are a great way to gain valuable work experience so that once you’ve earned your degree, you can confidently ace the typical job interview question, “Tell me about your experience,” and get your first post-graduate job.

From an employer perspective, interns are a great way to tap into new talent, especially in an industry that shifts and evolves as fast as the technology industry. That’s why TEAM Software has developed an internship program, specifically for those in tech positions like software developers. We’re looking for students who want to gain that valuable experience they need to find a job post-graduation, but also who are innovative and hungry to learn and apply their knowledge to build software that matters for our customers. 

TEAM’s developer internship program is designed to be hands-on instead of the typical busy work associated with some internships. TEAM’s interns get real-world experience, developing new features and enhancements for our signature enterprise software and mobile apps, using cutting-edge technology like Azure Functions, CosmosDB, in addition to React and React Native frameworks for web and mobile.

“At TEAM, we believe real-world experience is the best way to prepare interns for their careers,” explained Jordan Peterson, Software Development Lead. “We put them right into a team and provide a great support system to help them succeed. We do a lot of pair programming and put a lot of value on learning from each other and improving as a team.”

TEAM’s Human Resources Recruiter Kiley Herrold shared that we’re looking for potential interns who want to apply the skills they’ve been studying over their school career and who also want to gain the understanding of what it’s like to work for a modern tech company. Tech interns at TEAM are fully immersed into different teams — learning from senior developers and doing the same kind of work as the other full-time developers.

“We hear all the time how much our interns value the real-world experience,” said Herrold. “In fact, we had one intern comment that they learned more at TEAM in three months than through all their classes.”

“If I had to do it all over again and start looking for an internship, TEAM would be at the top of my list,” said Peterson. “I would look for a position that improves my skillset and gives me some momentum into my job search, which is exactly what the TEAM program offers. A good internship can make a big difference and help you stand out during the interview process, jumpstarting your career.”

And, some interns stay on for the long haul. For example, TEAM’s President, Jill Davie, started at TEAM as an intern and worked her way up to the executive level over the past 20 years. Kathryn White who works as a Marketing and Communications Specialist also started at TEAM in 2013 as a marketing intern. One intern from last summer, William Parr, made such a great impression that he earned a full-time position on the team following his graduation this May. Stay tuned for a profile spotlight on him later this summer.

“As an intern, your position is what you want to make of it,” explained Herrold. “If you work hard and do great things, you can really grow your career here. And, TEAM is pretty great place to work. You’re not just a number or a warm body filling a chair — you’re one of the team, from intern to CEO.” 

TEAM’s developer intern program is a paid, 40-hour per week program that typically runs from mid-May to early August depending on academic calendars. For those interns from outside the Omaha-metro area, TEAM eliminates the stress of having to find a place to live in a new city by arranging complimentary housing at the University of Nebraska Omaha residence halls for the duration of the internship. For more information about TEAM and our job opportunities, visit our Careers and Culture page.