TEAM Client Conference: What We Learned

Highlights from our annual event last month.

We hosted our annual client event TEAM Client Conference last month in Omaha, Nebraska. The conference is an opportunity for TEAM customers from across North America to come to Omaha for in-person training, networking and collaborating with TEAM employees. We gain invaluable insights into our customers’ businesses from the conference every year, and 2019 was no exception. Some key themes that came out of the event included an increased focus on compliance, data-driven decision-making and communication.

Hearing about the issues impacting businesses directly from our customers helps validate our product roadmap and the solutions we’re currently working on. Knowing our customers are highly concerned with staying in compliance when it comes to payroll and labor laws confirms our continued focus on payroll tax automation and other human resources and payroll initiatives. In fact, we recently compiled our top compliance trends to watch in a compliance eBook. Download it here.

As another way to get feedback from customers during the event, we hosted Client Advisory Board meetings for both the janitorial and contract security industries to help validate the direction of our product roadmap and stay current on industry hot topics. The janitorial/building service contractor Client Advisory Board meeting reaffirmed we’re on the right track and reinforced our focus on simplicity, intelligence and innovation when it comes to our products. Another trend that came out of the security industry Client Advisory Board is the need for predictive insights as the industry shifts from the mindset of observe and report to predict and protect.

The janitorial/BSC Client Advisory Board meeting

This feedback aligned perfectly with the update of Insights, an advanced web-enabled data and analytics platform. Insights helps customers unlock more value from the data they already have in WinTeam. They can see key performance indicators (KPIs) in easy-to-read charts and graphs and make better decisions with preloaded business analytics and reports.

For TEAM, this event isn’t just a time for us to “show and tell.” It’s a chance to create a personalized connection with our customers. We get to show them exactly what we’re working on and how it can help them grow their businesses while gaining valuable feedback to shape the future of our solutions. This is especially true in the Collaboratory where we had eight product stations, a support station and a Business Intelligence station.

Customers appreciated the way Insights helps them pay attention to the information that matters the most, so they can focus their time appropriately. They’re also excited about the increased integrations from Concourse, our API management portal and network of partners that connects third-party software to TEAM solutions. Being able to connect best-of-breed solution they’re already using back to TEAM creates a more seamless experience that eliminates redundant data entry, increases data integrity and maximizes resources.

Customers in the Collaboratory chat with TEAM employees about Insights

“My favorite part of the conference was being able to get that immediate feedback from our customers in the Collaboratory to help us dictate where we go next in our product roadmap,” said Brianne Stephan, one of TEAM’s Product Managers. “We got to show them the new things we’re working on, like Concourse and Insights, in a very collaborative way. It’s a chance to understand their perspective, how they approach business problems and how our products can help.”

TEAM Client Conference also offered the opportunity for customers to learn from each other. We offered several client-led sessions that gave attendees a real-world look at how to apply TEAM solutions in their business.

“As a trainer, I enjoyed working directly with Tom Wilkinson, President of Advantage Maintenance and a seasoned TEAM client, to present Time and Attendance with TeamTime,” said Shanna Siford, one of the Implementation Specialists at TEAM. “Hearing his perspective gave me an appreciation of the hard work our clients do to run a successful business.”

Being able to show real-world applications of our solutions is beneficial for both TEAM employees and our clients.

“With client-led sessions, you get an entirely new perspective. It increases the networking among attendees and the collaboration level is off the charts,” said Patrick Kielion, a Software Trainer at TEAM who co-presented on Business Intelligence with Jess Hayes from Select Commercial Services and Advanced Budgets with Steven Harper and Leah Salazar from Spectrum Building Services.

Leah and Steven share about Advanced Budgets in WinTeam

We want to thank all our clients who took the time to attend this year’s event. We love the time we get to spend with you and the feedback you provide during the conference.

“TEAM Client Conference is a wonderful experience where TEAM employees and customers interact and solve problems together,” said Michelle Shanholtz, Vice President of Product Management at TEAM. “This engagement ensures we are providing innovative, market-based solutions that meet the needs of our customers today and into the future.”