Six Ways to Boost Retention for Your Janitorial Business

Use employee self-service to help keep your best employees.

Retaining your workforce is a critical element to the success of any janitorial business. But, in a competitive job market it can be difficult to keep good cleaners employed. We know improving retention is important because companies with engaged employees easily outperform other companies, especially in service-related industries.

While it might seem challenging to keep your best employees without offering constant pay increases, there are ways to boost retention without a significant cost to your company. One easy way to boost engagement and productivity is to offer an employee self-service portal with an integrated time and attendance solution. Employees feel more empowered when they can leverage other job-related tools on their phone or tablet, and you can enjoy the productivity that comes with on-the-go workforce management.

Here are our top six ways you can leverage employee self-service and time and attendance solutions to increase employee retention and productivity.

1.      Show job locations in the schedule

Knowing where they need to work is just as important as knowing when they need to work. It’s even better if your scheduling solution helps you assign work based on how far the job site is from an employee’s home. Employees’ commute time can have a significant impact on their desire to stay at their job. Studies have found that adding an additional 20 minutes to a commute can have the same negative impact as receiving a 19 percent pay cut, so keeping your cleaners’ job sites as close to their homes as possible is a great way to impact retention without increasing costs.

2.      Offer work tickets for supervisors

If you don’t have a tool in the field in place to handle one-time projects to capture all your billable work on the fly, you could be missing out on potential revenue and your supervisors may be dealing with dissatisfied customers, decreasing their job satisfaction. And, supervisor job satisfaction has a direct impact on the employees they manage and their desire to stay at their job. When your supervisors can use work tickets to help manage special and one-time projects, they can better direct their crew to handle the day’s workload to keep your customers happy.

3.      Give them paystubs online

As much as you would like it if your employees reported to work solely for the love of their job, chances are they’re motivated, at least in part, by their paycheck. When your cleaners can access their paystubs online, they can immediately see the results of their hard work. This also increases transparency between your company and your employees because they can easily spot any issues or inconsistencies with their paycheck. That way, employees can quickly address the issues with Human Resources to ensure they get paid correctly and on time.

4.      Communicate with employees in one place

Communicating with employees can be tricky for janitorial contractors with an hourly workforce distributed across multiple sites. Find a solution that offers a consistent way to communicate with all employees, so everyone has the same information. This helps keep your cleaners happy and makes it easier for site supervisors, too.

5.      Give them a way to clock in online

When you ditch paper timesheets and move to an online timekeeping system, your employees are more confident their paycheck is going to be correct and they won’t be shorted for any shifts because there’s less room for human error. Timesheets can get lost or damaged, but an online timekeeping system provides immediate visibility into the number of hours they’ve worked and increases employee accountability. With a few simple taps they can clock in or out for their shift or meal breaks, eliminating the need to keep track of paper timecards. Plus, if a punch is missing, it’s easily noticeable and can be quickly corrected before payroll is processed.

6.      Use simple inspection tools

Most employees (and all good employees) want to do a good job for their employer. They want to be recognized when they do something well and they want to be held accountable in the areas where they can improve. Demonstrating accountability and taking ownership in their work leads to happier employees who stay with companies longer. By using simple inspection and quality assurance tools for your sites, your employees can see where they’re meeting the mark and where they can improve. This also helps show them the value they provide to your customers, which can feed the mentality of accountability.