Maximizing Potential at TEAM Software

We’re fostering a culture of development, recognition and growth.

At our core, we’re achievers. We’re go-getters. And, we’re in it together. It’s part of our people-centric culture. We know that keeping our employees happy will result in well-cared-for customers – and that’s the key to our success as a company. That’s why we have this simple formula: Hire talented people. Challenge, trust, motivate. Watch them accomplish remarkable things. Reward and recognize a job well done.

“The growth opportunities [at TEAM] are really relevant whether that’s to expand your knowledge of company operations, to work with new groups within the company or to learn new technologies,” said Matt Novotny, Data Analyst. “TEAM’s really supportive in all of those because they’re good at investing in their employees, and I think they realize growth is a really good way to not only retain employees, but also to make sure they’re really maximizing their potential.”

That people-centric approach fuels everything we do. We know if our people are happy and working at full potential, we’ll be able to do more, be accountable and better serve our customers — staying true to our TEAM values. Plus, when we have more to give, we can bring more to the table to share with everyone else. So, let’s take a minute to look at the ways our TEAM employees are growing and succeeding.

Professional Development

At TEAM, employees have many ways to grow in their careers. We offer tuition reimbursement and reimbursement for other learning opportunities like leadership classes from Revela and the Accel-KKR Leadership Summit. And, we foster open discussions about career paths and ways to achieve success through regular touch points and goal planning sessions. We expect each employee to challenge the status quo and look for their own opportunities to expand their skills.


We like to get stuff done, and get it done well. So, when we win awards like our Marketing team has done for the last three years in both advertising and marketing or when TEAM Resources wins a Best-in-Class Human Resources Management award out of 2,307 companies, we celebrate those successes. Plus, we’ve won awards from our customers and from our industry organizations. We also like to recognize our employees who go above and beyond, which is why we rolled out the Keep. Be. Do. awards. Three employees receive this award each quarter for exemplifying our core values. We know that it’s not just about the recognition, though, it’s about knowing we’re doing things the right way for our customers, industries and employees.

TEAM Resources with their recently received award

Hack Day

Every year, we hold an internal, 24-hour event called Hack Day to boost creative thinking and problem-solving. Employees come up with ideas for either internal opportunities for improvement, cool new features for our current products or something for the future. This year’s Hack Day included seven teams, with 23 ideas submitted. Christian and Hoang (pictured below) won with an idea for a new feature in eHub mobile. Other ideas included internal apps, infrastructure items, live data and Artificial Intelligence. The best thing about it? Seeing how talented and creative TEAM employees are and implementing the ideas presented.

Hoang and Christian with the coveted TEAM Hack Day trophy


People across our organization invest time and effort to become certified in their respective fields. We have individuals certified in payroll, quality assurance, marketing, Microsoft development, technical writing products and more. These help us stay up-to-date on all things relating to our fields.

Community Involvement

We’re also involved in the local and national tech community. Our Product Management team recently hosted a local meet-up about — you guessed it — product management. Our Learning Content manager has hosted a webinar for Flare software, what we use to power That’s just to name a couple. It’s pretty cool to stand back and watch our people succeed.

“TEAM recognizes that the skills and knowledge of our employees are critical to our ongoing success. We believe in the benefits of investing in our employees and encourage ongoing learning and development opportunities,” said Judi Szatko, Vice President of Human Resources. “This is a win-win scenario for TEAM and helps create promotable employees. We’re proud of a strong consistent track record of promoting from within, we’ve had eight internal promotions so far this year. This also helps reinforce our commitment to attracting and retaining our talent.