Employee Profile: Rick Shiley

Client Advocate, Avid DIY-er and New Dad

As an Account Manager, Rick Shiley gets to interact with TEAM clients on a daily, if not hourly, basis. But, being in a client-facing role isn’t anything new for Rick. He started his career at TEAM in October 2013 as a member of our Client Services department, helping resolve client issues and serving as a technical resource. He was promoted to Account Manager in June of 2018.

“I get to keep customers first every single day because it’s the purpose my job was designed to serve,” Rick explained. “We’re advocates for our customers to make sure they have everything they need to not only do their job, but to do their job well.”

While keeping customers first — a TEAM core value — is always top of mind, another value — do more — is where Rick sees the real opportunity to take things to the next level for our customers.

“The idea of doing more means going above and beyond to give our clients what they need to succeed,” said Rick. “There’s a great cycle that takes place, because doing more in turn helps keep our customers first.”

Rick got to see those core values in action at his first TEAM Client Conference in 2014, which he still considers to be his most memorable experience at TEAM, even several years later.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but what I witnessed really blew me away,” Rick said. “I realized that this was so much more than your standard software company in the way our clients interacted with our employees. It went beyond your normal client-vendor relationship. These are truly friendships that have been formed over years of working together.”

This type of observation is pretty common at TEAM, especially after attending TEAM Client Conference. If you asked a room full of TEAM employees to tell you what their favorite thing is about working at TEAM, chances are, most would say the same thing: “the people.”

“It’s a popular answer,” Rick said, “but it’s the truth. And, it’s not just the other employees, it’s the clients, too. Getting to work with such a bright group of people all while helping our customers improve their businesses is pretty exciting.”

Outside of the office, Rick likes working with his hands on his latest DIY project. In fact, for the past several months, Rick’s main DIY projects revolved around preparing his house for the newest addition to the Shiley family, Ellanora, born April 9.

“I just love the sense of accomplishment after you make something,” Rick explained. “I love a good challenge, so successfully converting our guest bedroom into a nursery was a pretty great feeling at the end.”

With the addition of Ellanora, Rick is also among the first employees to take advantage of one of TEAM’s newest benefit offerings — paid parental leave.

“As a new, first-time parent, having four weeks of paid parental leave was a huge benefit for my family,” Rick said. “It’s exciting working for a software company that is willing to invest in its employees that way. And, while it wasn’t easy to come back to work after Ellanora was born, knowing that I’m coming back to such a great culture definitely helps.”