Keep. Be. Do.

Recognizing TEAM employees who represent our company values every day.

At TEAM Software, our company values — keep customers first, be accountable and do more — are so ingrained in our daily work, it’s only fitting to celebrate our employees when their actions reflect those commitments. That’s why we created the Keep Be Do awards — to recognize employees who are doing amazing things every day.

And, the best part about the Keep Be Do awards? They’re based on peer nominations. So, when someone sees another employee do those amazing things, they say something. Then, our Culture Committee, a group of appointed representatives from across the company, votes on the final three quarterly winners. Here’s a roundup of our inaugural winners.

Keep Customers First | Brandy H., Implementation Specialist

“Brandy is always looking for ways to improve the implementation process for our customers. She’s dedicated to their success and strives for smooth (and fast) implementations so they can be up and running as quickly and effectively as possible.”

Brandy, who joined TEAM in August 2016, works with new TEAM customers to implement our solutions across their organizations. With a previous background in leadership and training, Brandy has the knowledge and expertise to share best practices and analyze issues as they arise. Her dedication to our customer’s success is seen throughout the implementation process.

When asked what it meant to her to win the award, Brandy said, “[The award] is an indicator of the type of organization we work for and the culture we have here at TEAM. Being peer nominated means others recognize the work I do and the impact I have on our customers and their success with our products. It certainly drives me to do even more for our customers and for TEAM.”

Be Accountable | Mallory E., Quality Engineer

“It was just four weeks ago that she [Mallory] was shown how to execute mobile AQA tests. Since then, she’s not only been executing the tests on both Android and iOS platforms, but creating new tests as well. On top of this, she’s coordinating the effort to deprecate older devices and test-driving new devices in the AQA world. She is OWNING AQA mobile testing!”

Mallory, who just celebrated her one-year workiversary at the beginning of September, spends her days manually testing our software and writing scripts for test automation. With her eight years of tech-industry experience and her keen eye for quality, Mallory helps ensure our software is being developed to meet the needs of our customers. For Mallory, her favorite thing about working at TEAM is the people she gets to work with every day and the overall work environment.

“TEAM has made it possible for me to grow my career as a quality engineer by creating an environment where I’m trusted and encouraged. This award shows me just how much I’ve grown over the past 12 months.”

Do More | Shannon R., Operations Implementation Specialist

“Shannon goes above and beyond to help our delivery teams daily! We lean on her for system and process knowledge, pull her into meetings and she never says no. She’s more than happy to help and is a joy to work with!”

It’s been 10 years since Shannon joined TEAM and during her tenure she’s been instrumental in helping our customers succeed. From product development to customer service to training, Shannon’s goal is to help our customers however she can. For her, it’s not just about training our software — it’s about building the relationship and making a connection with them.

“I try to help as many people as I can — employees and customers. And I’m so grateful for the Do More award because it truly speaks to what I believe. If I needed help, I would want someone to assist me so like the old saying goes, ‘always treat others like you want to be treated.’”

At TEAM, our formula for happy employees is simple: Hire talented people. Challenge, trust, motivate. Watch them accomplish remarkable things. Reward and recognize a job well done.