Drive Efficiency with an Outside Perspective

Janitorial and security contractors can improve business processes by leveraging specialized consulting.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Your janitorial or security company is experiencing exponential growth and you can’t keep up. You’d like to do more with the software you have, but you just don’t have time. Your head of operations just quit, and she was the only one who really knew how to use your software. You’re doing well, keeping up to date on all things business-related, but you want to make sure you’re not missing anything. 

Sometimes, all you need is extra training to overcome these challenges. But other times, more in-depth support and specialized consulting can be a game-changer. That’s why TEAM offers customized help through our Pro Services team. 

“Many companies experience these same issues,” said Rick Killings, TEAM’s Director of Client Services and a member of Pro Services. “It’s the processes that can be unique within a company.”

Every business is different and going beyond standard training and implementation can ensure you’re getting the most out of your software. It builds on training to refine processes and makes sure you’re running your business at optimum efficiency. Afterall, you take your car to the auto shop for regular maintenance and you take yourself to the doctor for regular checkups. Why wouldn’t you take the time to check on your business processes to ensure you’re moving in the right direction?

An outside perspective can help give you an unbiased review of your processes and help determine what’s going smoothly and what could use some fine tuning. 

“It’s taking a step back to really look at how you’re running your business,” said Killings. “There may not be any serious issues, but [your specialized consulting group] should focus on how to help you run your business to run better.” 

How can you ensure your specialized consulting engagement is successful?

  1. Get buy-in and appoint a champion. Have a dedicated person who supports the initiative and the other staff working with the consulting group. “An extremely enthusiastic and motivated group of individuals is the key to success,” said Killings. “If you don’t support the initiative, it’ll bite the dust.”
  2. Be involved in process planning. Your consulting group should be including you in the process of customizing the solution to fit your needs. Being a part of planning helps you own the guidelines you’ve helped set. Your company is the one who will maintain any process changes, so you want to make sure it works long term.
  3. Be open and transparent. Let your consultants in on all your processes. Let them interview your employees and analyze their work methods. The more information they can gather, the better their solutions will meet your challenges.

Sometimes your company just needs a few process tweaks to get back to maximum efficiency. And, sometimes all you need is an outside perspective to help you get there.