Well-Deserved Recognition for Some of Our Rock-Star Team

Recognizing TEAM employees who live our core values every day.

At TEAM Software, our core values — keep customers first, be accountable and do more — define how we work together to accomplish our day-to-day and longer-term goals. That’s why we take the time to recognize three employees who embody our core values each quarter with our Keep. Be. Do. Awards.   

The Keep. Be. Do. Awards are based on peer nominations, so when someone sees another employee do amazing things, they say something. Here’s a roundup of our most recent winners.

Keep Customers First | Amanda C., Director of Customer Success

“Amanda’s been implementing a lot of strategies in conjunction with the TEAM Software side and Lighthouse customer success side of our business in both the US and Australia. She’s ensuring that customer retention and education is prioritized.”

Amanda is a co-founder and head of Customer Success for Lighthouse, TEAM Software’s field workforce management and reporting tool. Since joining TEAM in May 2019, Amanda has continued in her role facilitating the customer journey from onboarding through service while working to integrate Lighthouse into the TEAM family. She loves working with customers to really understand their business and provide real solutions to make their lives easier.

“It’s been such a pleasure to join the TEAM family and every day I’m gratified that the TEAM culture and values mirror the ones we worked so hard to instill at Lighthouse. This award — Keep Customers First — is so fitting. Part of what has made the combining of our teams so seamless has been the willingness of everyone I’ve worked with to keep customers front of mind in every decision we make,” said Amanda.

Be Accountable | Paul G., QA Engineer

“I was unexpectedly out of the office for a week during the peak part of a release cycle. When I got back, WinTeam automation was in tip-top shape. Paul was on top of release builds, daily builds and SaaS execution. This is the true meaning of TEAM work and an excellent example of being accountable.”

Paul, who’s been with TEAM since April 2013, works on our quality assurance team performing testing on our products.

When asked about his thoughts on the Keep. Be. Do. Awards, Paul said, “I really like that TEAM has this program in place for people to be recognized for their extra efforts.  It feels really good that the work I put in was noticed by my coworkers. Especially since our collaboration is critical to our success. It’s always rewarding when we come together to deliver something valuable to our customers.”

Do More | Bryce A., Assistant Controller

“While maintaining his current duties, Bryce has graciously trained me and answered many questions I’ve had as I’m adapting to TEAM. Despite some recent challenges that have come up, Bryce remains happy to lend a hand.”

Bryce joined TEAM in April 2015 and loves being surrounded by his fun group of coworkers. He’s enjoyed watching the company grow and evolve over the past five years and appreciates the role he gets to play as part of that growth.

“I feel fortunate to be able to say I’m part of the process and I’m excited for what the future holds here at TEAM,” said Bryce when asked how it feels to be recognized.  

At TEAM, our formula for happy employees is simple: Hire talented people. Challenge, trust, motivate. Watch them accomplish remarkable things. Reward and recognize a job well done.