Essential Tools for Essential Services

As the leader of a cleaning or security business, you’re on the front lines of an unprecedented crisis.

The global health crisis due to COVID-19 has thrust all of us into uncharted waters. Schools are closed, people are practicing “social distancing,” and tens of thousands of businesses have been affected in some way, whether through work-from-home situations, new ways of delivering service or flat-out having to close their doors.

While companies across the country must learn how to operate within this new paradigm, as a company that offers essential services like cleaning or security, you’re still being relied upon to deliver vital services that keep other people safe and secure. But just because your business is still operating doesn’t mean everything is business as usual. This new environment is rife with issues you’ve likely never encountered before as a business manager.

We’ve heard from our customers in the cleaning industry. You’re struggling to get supplies or having supplies stolen, receiving more requests for detailed deep cleans and needing proof of service. And, for security contractors, you’ve had to add extra shifts to maintain order, comply with enhanced screening and visitor requirements, meet a higher volume of schedule changes, and retain patrols but may have had to reduce standing guards due to shutdowns.

Regardless of industry, you are also handling constant changes in guidelines and policies and communicating them to employees in real-time as well as facing staffing shortages due to illness. And on top of all that, if you have fewer than 500 employees and more than 50, you’re dealing with additional issues surrounding new laws for emergency paid sick leave and related tax credits.

We know this isn’t easy to handle. And while many other things are unknown at this point, one thing that’s clear is your cleaning or security company needs an essential set of technology tools, accompanied by up-to-date and accurate information, not only in times of “business as usual” but also in times of uncertainty and crisis.

That’s why we’re delivering a series of blog posts over the next couple weeks that take you through some of those essential tools to help you stay connected to your workforce, keep everyone safe, serve your customers and maintain your business throughout this crisis. Come back to read about safety and compliance forms, mobile tools for on-the-go access, paid sick leave and engaging your workforce through technology. We’re also keeping up-to-date with information being provided by industry organizations like ASIS and ISSA and encourage you to check out those resources if you haven’t already.

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