Three Tips to Make Managing Your Distributed Security Workforce Easier

Find the right software to improve visibility and streamline processes for your security business.

As a security contractor managing a distributed workforce, you face a unique set of challenges like lack of visibility into your sites, changing work responsibilities and requests, and solving for inefficient processes. On top of that, thin margins, high labor costs and intense competition are always top of mind. So, here are three tips to help you better manage your guards with workforce management software.

1. Use your scheduling tools effectively.

At a minimum, your scheduling solution should alert you to any issues, like conflicting shifts and overtime, as you’re scheduling your guards. In fact, if you’re using the right software, you should get proactive, intelligent scheduling recommendations to help you match the right guard with the right shift to ensure coverage across all your sites with qualified officers with the right levels of experience for the post.

2. View the field with real-time positioning and live maps

Your customers trust you to have qualified security guards on site when they’re scheduled, so you need to be able to see what’s going on at your sites. Use a solution that offers continuous tracking of guards using GPS, QR Codes, Bluetooth beacons or near-field communication (NFC) positioning. A guard touring solution provides a real-time view of your security operations across multiple sites and helps you provide proof of service to your customers.

3. Use communication tools to keep your people informed.

Communicating with your guards can be tricky for security contractors with an hourly workforce distributed across multiple sites. Find a solution that enables the distribution of need-to-know info for your officers like site instructions, schedules and shift reminders. For your supervisors, keep them up to date with real-time time and attendance notifications and site-level (virtual) visibility.

Your business management software should work for you to make your job easier and assist you in providing the top-notch service your clients expect. Ensure you’re leveraging all its available tools to most effectively manage your security business and to overcome industry challenges. Want even more tips to help manage your business? Download our complete quick guide, Six Tips to Make Managing Your Distributed Security Workforce Easier.