Improve Your Cleaning Business by Making the Most of Your Software

Gain efficiencies and create value by making the most of your holistic cleaning business software.

Company managers like you rely on your cleaning business software to get work done, meet the needs of your clients and provide your employees with the right tools to do their jobs and keep them engaged. But is your software doing all it can to support your business and set you apart from your competition? Here are two key ways enterprise-level software made especially for cleaning contractors can be leveraged to improve your processes and deliverables.

Move outsourced functionalities in-house and improve reporting

Are you manually collecting data from applications and sending it to other service providers or transferring it into other software systems to complete things like payroll and job costing reports? Moving certain processes from external to internal might seem daunting and not worth the effort but spending employee resources on unnecessary manual tasks could be costing you more than you realize.

The right software provides you with tools and resources you need to do things like measure performance and automate daily financials, operations and workforce management. Creating a seamless flow of integrated data for human resources, accounting and quality assurance also benefits your customers. By moving these processes into a singular management source, you can remove impediments and save time and money.

Boost productivity and efficiency in the field with employee self service

It’s important for your cleaners and field managers to have access to information they need to be safe on the job and effectively perform their duties. An employee self-service portal gives them everything they need from paychecks, to benefit information, to hours scheduled readily available at their fingertips. It’s a convenience your employees will appreciate, but the value extends beyond employees to the customer side as well. Checkpoints and field trend reports gathered from the employee self-service portal also show your customers you’re incorporating technology into your business and you’re committed to providing them with superior service and valuable information they want and need.

The right cleaning business software provides essential resources for your back-office and distributed workforce, while also providing value you can pass on to your customers. Learn how one TEAM client used their software to streamline their business in our latest customer success story.