Employee Profile: Chip Irek

Employee Profile: Chip Irek

Our team-oriented Chief Technology Officer has the expertise to help our customers do more.


For a technology company like TEAM Software, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a critical role. For Chip Irek, TEAM’s new CTO, he sees the role as not only overseeing the operations of the software itself and building out roadmaps of new features, but also encompassing his customer-first mindset focused on delivering value. And, it involves a great deal of teamwork, which is something Chip has valued his entire life. The CTO position at TEAM was a perfect fit for Chip’s customer focus and team-oriented workstyle. In addition, the company culture, people and the opportunity to bring his experience and perspective to help TEAM and our customers grow were some of the key reasons Chip decided to accept the position. Plus, it didn’t hurt our company values so closely aligned with his personal values, too.

“I’m never going to be the industry expert at TEAM, but I am a technology expert,” said Chip. “I’m here to bring a new perspective on how TEAM can build better tools faster to help our customers run their businesses better.”

Before joining TEAM, Chip helped companies grow through integrating products and better positioning within markets and industries.

“I’m excited to bring my knowledge to TEAM and our customers,” said Chip. “Through integrations, innovations or combinations that accelerate our growth curve, we can continue to support our customers as they grow, scale and enter new geographies.”

Chip isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. Whether it’s integrating and harmonizing our products under a single technology platform or evaluating ways we can deliver new solutions for our customers, he’s ready to tackle it head on.

“I love a good challenge — especially when I have good people to work with,” said Chip.

His tenacity and focus on teamwork applies to his life outside of work, too. Throughout their 25-year marriage, Chip and his wife have rescued nearly 60 animals including horses, dogs and cats. He estimates that, over the years, roughly one-third of the animals have been reunited with their original owners and one-third found a new and loving home.

“Our goal is always to nurse them back to health and get them back to their owners,” said Chip. “But, sometimes that doesn’t happen, and then the animals become a permanent part of the Irek family.”

In addition to rescuing a menagerie of animals, Chip’s other passion outside of work is ice hockey for many of the same reasons.

“It’s a life-long love of mine that began by playing pond hockey as a kid growing up in New Jersey,” said Chip. “Now, it continues to be a great outlet of mine for fun and for exercise. Plus, it’s one of the only true team sports where a superstar can’t carry the team by himself. It’s too fast and too pure.”

Whether he’s on the ice or in the office, Chip brings his practical and focused mindset to everything he does.

“We’re in a global-leadership position in the industries we serve, and I don’t take that lightly,” said Chip. “I know we have the mechanisms in place to serve our customers now and into the future, and I’m looking forward to where we go next.”