Streamline Processes with Security Company Scheduling Software

Integrating your scheduling and payroll processes with security company scheduling software enhances your operational efficiency, directly benefits employees and preserves thin profit margins.

It’s no surprise to anyone who manages a contract security company that overseeing a distributed workforce is not only complicated, but also costly. You have multiple teams spread out across multiple sites, and you’re busy staying on top of shifting expectations, requirements and regulations. Every unnecessary hour clocked by one of your guards eats into your already thin margins since service-level agreements (SLAs) often prevent you from passing overtime and excess payroll costs onto your clients. And even when you can pass on that cost, doing so can negatively impact your customer’s satisfaction with you as a service provider. One thing that can have a noticeable impact on your bottom line while allowing you to elevate the customer experience is using industry-specific security company scheduling software. Here are three ways TEAM Software’s guard tour management software can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your distributed workforce scheduling.

Integrate Scheduling with Payroll

When managing things like multiple data sources, paper timekeeping and other manual processes, it’s easy to make mistakes and not always know it. One of the surest ways to reduce errors that could be costing you time and money is to move your scheduling and payroll processes to one integrated system. With a single source of data, scheduling is handled more effectively, and the information needed to process payroll accurately is already in the system. Streamlining has the potential to cut your payroll processing time by 90%, saving you significant amounts of money and time.

Reduce Burnout and Implement Repeatable Processes

You may not know one of your guards is clocking in overtime hours until it’s too late. By using a single, digital source for scheduling and payroll, you’re able to improve visibility over your company’s scheduling habits and identify overtime, as well as over-budget jobs. Implementing easily repeatable procedures also goes a long way in reducing the workload for your manager’s back-office workers, freeing up their time to focus on completing revenue-generating activities and improving service delivery to your customers, instead of spending time on manual and laborsome processes.

Keep Employees Informed with Predictive Scheduling

Predictive scheduling is a growing topic of concern for contract security companies. As more ordinances and laws are passed requiring employers to provide their hourly employees with guaranteed work and predictable schedules to avoid fines, making sure your workforce is properly informed of scheduling changes is necessary to preserve your bottom line. Easily accessible scheduling software via a mobile app ensures your hourly workers can see their schedules anytime, from anywhere, well in advance of their scheduled shifts.

Now, more than ever, finding ways to enhance your business’s efficiency through streamlined processes is necessary to control the things you can. That’s why having one scheduling solution that seamlessly connects to your accounting and financial system means the potential for big impacts across your entire business. For more tools and tips on efficient and effective scheduling, review our security company scheduling software resource suite.