Indeed Job Posting Best Practices to Maximize Your Organic Visibility

Seeing fewer job applicants? It may be time to review these Indeed job posting best practices.

Recently, we’ve discussed the difficulty in finding applicants due to multiple economic factors impacting the labor market. Additionally, because of the lack of quality applicants, a bidding war for sponsored job postings has broken out. Our clients are now having to increase their job board advertising budget to supplement what they used to get for free with organic postings. The Indeed job site works like major search engines, using advanced algorithms to determine job seeker search results — without disclosing those rules to job posters.

The bad news is we don’t see much changing over the summer months. The good news is we’ve noticed several Indeed job posting best practices that work to help maximize your organic (free) job post visibility.

Indeed only accepts one post per location, per job title every 120 days.

Make sure your locations are exact and your titles are clear. For example, “General Cleaner, Atlanta, GA” would severely limit your organic visibility. Instead, try using a more specific location and title. There are lots of zip codes out there to use for your organic posts. Don’t forget, you can sponsor as many duplicate posts with the same location/title as you like.

Use simple job titles.

If you’ve read our hiring blogs or worked with our Kwantek platform, you’re probably tired of hearing this one. Job titles like “CLEANERS – HIRING BONUS – ALL SHIFTS – MULTIPLE LOCATIONS” won’t show on an organic feed. Indeed equates ‘salesy’ job titles with poor job seeker experience.

Rotate your job postings every 60 days at a minimum.

Same as with job titles, this is something we’ve discussed for a long time, but it bears repeating: Create new job posts every 60 days. Do not reactivate an old job posting as Indeed sees this as an old job and not prioritize it to the top. Copying an old job is fine, but it has to be a fresh job ID with Indeed to get visibility.

These are just a few tips and tricks to maximize your job posting exposure on Indeed, but there are many more. We recommend you work directly with an Indeed rep and bring in your ATS partner when issues arise. For more information on Indeed job posting trends, read our blog on changes to the platform’s organic visibility.