How the Right Software Can Reduce Payroll Costs

Implementing an industry-specific software solution can save your security company time and money in areas where you’ve previously struggled.

Every company reaches a tipping point where the processes and technology it has relied on for years are no longer sustainable. The company grows, markets change, software ages. When you hit your tipping point, it’s time to look for a better solution that can grow and work with your business.

That’s what happened for Phelps Security, Inc., a contract security firm operating in the Memphis, Tennessee, area. A family-owned business for 65 years, the company had transitioned leadership, and the homegrown software they had been using for decades just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Cumbersome manual processes and multiple subpar software systems sent the company on the hunt for a better solution.

Check out the infographic below to learn how a new software solution helped Phelps Security reduce payroll processing time by 90%.

For more information on the benefits a successful software implementation can have on your security business, including the importance of choosing the right implementation partner, download The Keys to Successfully Implementing a Holistic Software for your Cleaning or Security Business white paper.