Strategic Security Corp: Saving $250K With Business Intelligence

When a routine Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) audit identified a wrinkle in how one security company, Strategic Security Corp., was processing work on a federal service contract, company leadership needed an efficient way to look at impacted employees over a six-month period. And, they need to be able to gather their data quickly and fix the oversight to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and penalties. That’s where TEAM Software’s Business Intelligence software companies made all the difference.

With TEAM Software’s Business Intelligence software, an add-on solution that complements the holistic ERP solution, WinTeam, Strategic Security Corp. was able to come up with the data needed to correct the oversight, determine how much back pay was owed, and make adjustments without ever needing to hire a costly external CPA or law firm to conduct an audit. Business intelligence software delivers clean, sound data in a short time frame —in this case, turning what could have been a months-long auditing process into a 24-hour time period that pinpointed and resolved the oversight.

“TEAM’s BI supersedes anything else that is available in the market,” said Joe Sordi, SCC’s Founder and Senior Vice President. “It’s instances like this audit scenario that really solidify its value. But, even in the normal, dayto-day work, TEAM’s BI function is unbelievable and assists us in our commitment to corporate transparency. We’d never step away from TEAM’s BI functionality.”

Business intelligence software also tells a different story to different “readers”.

“When it comes to BI, most companies have one prerequisite: they want to look at their data the way they want to look at it,” said Ron Smith, Business Intelligence Analyst at TEAM Software. “Nobody wants to sift through 365 pages of data to find the one thing they’re looking for. They want the important stuff – and they want their data to tell a story.”

What’s more, the story that is important to a C-Suite business leader is likely different from the story that’s most useful to financial staff versus operations or field management. BI helps present the data that a company needs in such a way that any person could consume and understand the story being told, even if that person isn’t necessarily versed in data analytics.

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