Compass Group Video Case Study from TEAM Software by WorkWave

We’ve been looking for electronic solutions for some time and Medirest came to us and said, “We have the Servicetrac auditing tool.” We looked at it and it was very easy for them to upload the software and plan for our sites. It was great from day one. We were able to use that tool to get results.

It’s a two-way conversation that we have, so we can raise things that we’d like to have added. We can look at new reports, new tools or things that we’d like to cover in the same way. The Servicetrac team will alert us of things that they’re doing and developing, so it’s an evolving process and that’s really good for us.

We want something that not just looks at one hospital, but allows us to really understand what’s happening across all of our hospitals. The cross-contract reporting was a real standout tool. One of the real benefits is having the immediacy of the data, so as soon as you’ve done an audit, you know what actions need to be taken. Getting that instant feedback on the day is great. Audit is completed, downloaded, sent it back to us we can look at it and if there’s a problem, we’re on the phone straight away.

I think what that can do is make us almost preemptive, so the nursing staff will get the audit. If we can then speak to the supervisors on site, say, “You’ve got a problem here, what are you doing about it?” they can make a plan. Then we can go to the clinical teams and say, “We’re aware that you’ve failed a part of this audit,” and we can then say, “This is the plan. We’ve already spoken to Medirest and the supervisors on site. They’ll be there within the next hour to rectify it.”

For the trust, and the partnership that we have with the trust, compliance is key. Having the back of house reports — they’re easily accessible and take two minutes to run. Having a key report that would tell the trust how they’re performing, because it is a partnership with the trust in terms of cleaning, so telling them how they’re performing was key. I would say the compliance that Servicetrac delivers is massive for us.

When you’re looking at an audit solution, I think it’s important that you understand what you want it to deliver. For yourself, and certainly for us, I can tell you that Servicetrac has delivered in terms of supporting us to make sure the information that we have in the first place is correct and is providing us with the information to support continuous improvement.