Questions and Answers on Integrated Quality Assurance Technology

As a leader in the cleaning industry, you know how important quality assurance (QA) is. QA is the backbone of your business, where customer retention and the ability to make your business stand apart from the competition are dependent on the quality of services you’re able to deliver. By using integrated quality assurance software, you can prove the quality of your services are worth every penny. With real-time, streamlined data housed in a single software solution, you can compare the outcomes of your cleaners’ routes, ensure you’re hitting key performance benchmarks established in your service-level agreements and share your findings in easy-to-understand reports for both your internal stakeholders and your clients.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear how janitorial industry leaders like MahlerClean, Janitronics and Vonachen Group are using QA software for themselves and answering these questions:

1.  How do QA tools help improve workforce management?

2. How does integrated QA technology streamline back-office operations?

3. How does integrated QA technology help you build customer relationships?

Use integrated quality assurance software to reduce deficiencies and improve inspection results, boost accountability and employee engagement, save on overhead costs and build customer relationships – all while working within the ecosystem of your company’s time and attendance, payroll, reporting and analytics and scheduling solutions.

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