Top Challenges in the Security Industry and How to Overcome Them

Top Challenges in the Security Industry…

and how TEAM Solutions Overcome Them

Challenge One: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Hiring is always a rollercoaster. While there have been instances of a labor-heavy job market within the security industry over the past fifteen years, more often than not, the labor pool is scarce, with far more open positions than applicants willing to fill the gaps. Your competitors are offering up similar positions with comparable pay and benefits packages, and job seekers have all the power.

We’ve got your back. We’ve got everything you need to turn your hiring process into a well-oiled machine. Source qualified applicants through an applicant tracking system (ATS) that can post to multiple job boards through a single click, filter applicants based on your criteria and assess fit. Schedule interviews in bulk and compete criminal background checks easily through a simplified vendor process. Once hired, all prehire paperwork can be completed and stored before the employee’s first day, including company policies, direct deposit information and government required forms. Digitalized processes mean less duplicate data entry and manual error for you, particularly when integrated with our back-office and workforce management solutions. And, we can automatically screen those new hires for Work Opportunity Tax Credit eligibility (which can save you up to $9,000 in taxable income per employee).

Challenge Two: Staying Profitable When You’re Up Against Tight Margins

With less than 4% profit margins, growth of competitors in the market and predicted rising labor costs, it’s more important than ever to do what you can to stay profitable. And, in an industry where contracts are often won in lowest price technically acceptable scenarios, you don’t have a lot of wiggle room to pad your profitability.

We’ve got your back. Our software solutions work to find ways to counteract cost-draining activities, like non-billable overtime, inaccurate billing and payroll systems, data errors and time consuming manual processes. And, we specialize in providing visibility into profits at the job level so you can determine which (if any) contracts are underperforming and which are showcasing profitability so you can better plan work, improve customer retention strategies and determine what contracts may be best for your client portfolio going forward.

Challenge Three: Complex and Ever-Changing Regulations and Compliance

The rules are always changing. Between government regulations and compliance requirements, your back-office staff are constantly working to stay ahead of the changes coming your way, or else face steep fines and citations.

We’ve got your back. We have staff dedicated to keeping on top of compliance requirements coming down the pipeline for your industry. We deliver features that help you sort through all of the red tape. From legislative tax and payroll updates to state-specific requirements; filing deadlines and year-end needs, we tailor our workforce management solutions to fit what’s being demanded of your company.

Challenge Four: Proving Quality, Service Delivery on Your Contract SLAs

How can you improve on something if you can’t see it? When you lack visibility into your distributed workforce, it’s hard to certify where officers have patrolled, when routes were completed and what was actioned on. These aren’t niceties — your clients are demanding proof of service. Without it, you risk liability on your company’s behalf if an incident occurs or security is compromised, or if a guard is faced with a hazardous work environment. Not to mention, your customers might just take their business elsewhere.

We’ve got your back. Through mobile workforce management tools and quality assurance features, our solutions prove the where/when/ what of your distributed workforce, auditing completed patrols. Through rich media capture and checkpoints, we create a digital paper trail to support provable service delivery, including quality measurements to reinforce the work you’re doing is up to SLA standards. Business intelligence tools run reports on key metrics, ensuring you can back up the business case of your services. And, with comprehensive time and attendance tools, you can eliminate fraudulent activities like buddy punching that put you at risk of over-billing your customers and losing out on repeat business. In short, we help make your service delivery transparent, supporting the relationship you have with your customers.

 Our Solutions

Our solutions for security contractors satisfy the need for a holistic, data driven understanding of business performance and deliver cost-efficient automation for operations and workforce management activities. And, we’ve designed our solutions to seamlessly integrate, so your workforce management can be optimized from pre-hire, hiring and onboarding (Kwantek), and then sync with mobile timekeeping and employee location tracking tools (Lighthouse) along with financial, operations and job-level workforce management data (WinTeam).

In short, you get complete visibility over all workforce management systems, with the added bonus of having streamlined support services of all of your solutions within one software partner. It’s a win-win.

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