Trust Security Services: Gaining a competitive advantage with guard touring


Trust Security had the following goals in mind when implementing Lighthouse:

  1. Show proof of work: This is extremely important for minimizing the risk of litigation.
  2. Gain a competitive advantage: A guard touring solution gives the company a leg up on their competition.
  3. Provide real-time reports: Allow dispatch teams better visibility and improve response times.
  4. Access back-in-time reports: Allow supervisors to look back on patrols to ensure they’re being done correctly and make changes as necessary.


Frustrated by expensive checkpoints, lackluster customer service and device limitations from a previous solution, Trust Security Services, a privately owned, licensed security agency servicing Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia, needed a better way to provide service to their customers. They wanted a flexible tracking solution that would provide more visibility into their work and was backed by powerful reporting. So, they implemented Lighthouse, a workforce management platform from TEAM Software that provides complete visibility of workforces, mobile forms and workflows, and uses powerful reports to improve service delivery.

Solution Overview

The Lighthouse solution is comprised of the following key elements:

  1. Network of QR codes throughout the sites guards patrol.
  2. Security guard mobile app to record patrols, manage
    tasks, report issues, complete inspections and
    communicate with managers.
  3. Web-based reporting to monitor security services and
    improve performance over time.


Actively used across 12 locations, Trust Security Services achieved the following results:

Risk Mitigation: the ability to prove guards were where they were supposed to be after a theft at one of their sites prevented costly litigation.

Proof of Service: when customers question if a patrol was done, Trust Security can use Lighthouse to pinpoint exactly where the guard is and where they’ve been through real-time and back-in-time reporting.

New Business: Trust Security won a new contract based on visitor logs for access control built through the Tasks module in Lighthouse.

Cost Savings: by switching to QR codes, Trust Security is no longer using expensive checkpoints. And the device flexibility allows them to use either Android ™ or iPhone ™ devices instead of investing in all new Android devices.

“Service is a critical part of our business model — it gives us a degree of quality control that our competitors don’t have. And, Lighthouse obviously cares about that too. If I have a problem, I can get in touch with someone right away, and it’s going to be taken care of.” – Rudo Robinson, CEO, Trust Security Services