Six Immediate Benefits of Implementing WinTeam

What you can expect after implementing our all-in-one financial, operations and workforce management software.

It’s not unusual for us to say an integrated workforce management solution can save you time and money while reducing error as caused by manual entry and inefficient processes. But what does that mean for your business, specifically, especially when you’re looking at your business plan over the next year?

We’ve compiled a list of the top immediate benefits you can experience after implementing WinTeam, our powerful solution which connects your financials, human resources, payroll, quality assurance and operations management in one software.

Six Immediate Benefits after You Build Your Database in WinTeam

  1. Free up overhead headcount resources. By combining business-critical functions like time and attendance, payroll, HR, accounting, quality assurance and compliance management, you can free up overhead time and expenses and allocate it to other tasks.
  2. Manage labor costs. WinTeam enables you to proactively address and manage wage creep issues and non-billable labor costs with job costing and labor budget features.
  3. Increase supervisor productivity while decreasing time spent on-phone. With WinTeam’s self-service tool, eHub, you improve overall communication. Specifically, it helps reduce calls and requests to the back office for things like paystubs, time off or address changes by enabling employees with independent access. (Intrigued? Skip straight to a demo, or keep reading to learn more.)
  4. Improve field operations. Mobile access for operations managers enables log ins from anywhere. Meaning, your operations managers don’t have to be tied to their desk to manage schedules and employees. They can do it all on-the-go from the field.
  5. Understand how your jobs are working for you. Comprehensive financial reports and Business Intelligence modules provide data on the aspects of your business that are most important to you, so your company can serve your contracts, better.
  6. Gain drill-down visibility. WinTeam provides the tools for you to drill down into source ledgers for analysis and reporting purposes.WinTeam’s connectivity facilitates a seamless way of looking at information, so you can easily see everything from the money you’re making off a specific service you offer, to what GL information payroll needs to hit when it is processed, what jurisdictions and items it needs to be taxed on, to the timekeeping, employee schedule and job requirement information correlated to the job.With all of this in one system, you can look at information in many different ways and drill into data to see root causes and analysis with a few button clicks.

A Solution You Can Trust

We don’t have to spend time looking for ways to make the platform work for us. WinTeam is already customized to our business. They understand the current trends and issues we’re facing, so they’re always updating and improving the product and developing partnerships with suppliers geared towards our industry needs. I’m not interested at all in entertaining another product. – Chris Toliver, Principal, ACT Security Group

Implementation: It’s Worth the Effort

Implementation of an enterprise workforce management software can be a lengthy process, especially when you are aiming to improve specific processes unique to your cleaning or security business. If you prepare for implementation, you’ll be able to realize benefits even more quickly.