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Business Intelligence and Analytics Software

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Harness the Power of Your Business Data

Transform your disjointed data through business intelligence and analytics software to gain unparalleled insight into your operational and financial performance and add more value to your bottom line. When you have the right insights, you can make informed decisions to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Gain a Critical Advantage with Business Intelligence and Analytics Software

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Review What Matters

Not all businesses, even businesses that operate in the same industry, visualize data in the same way. Business intelligence and analytics software allows you to analyze data based on what’s most important to you. With transparent, near real-time information, you’re always operating with the latest intel to inform your decisions.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Get the Full Picture

When it comes to data, the last thing you need is information silos and complicated processes. Business intelligence and analytics software acts as a one-stop-shop for your business data, integrating information you already have from all your systems so you get the full picture of your business more easily.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Put Insight into Action

Without the right tools to analyze performance, you run the risk of being data rich and information poor. Our software helps you dig deeper into data to identify trends and insights through data visualizations or more complex reporting tools so you know when — and how — to act.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

See it for yourself.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Spend Less Time Sifting

Spend less time manipulating your data and more time putting your business analytics into action. Develop opportunities, save resources and stay ahead of your competition with better visibility over your performance.

Your Data, Your Way

Your business is unique, so our software tools aren’t one-size-fits-all. With our software, you can review KPIs and metrics in comprehensive ready-made reports and dashboard visualizations to cover your basic needs. Plus, with our business intelligence tools you can configure your own reporting to fill any gaps or uncover special insights you need on your financial, customer or operations data.

Business Intelligence and Analytics
Business Intelligence and Analytics

Discover the Solution for You

No matter where you are or how you do business, we have a solution that can support you. Visit our software overview page to learn which products are the best fit for your cleaning, security or facilities management business.

Based on where you’re browsing from, we recommend visiting the TEAM Software site for your region.

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