Janitorial Software Eases Growing Pains

09/07/17 | 3:11PM | Posted by TEAM Software

Integrated Software SolutionsContracting Profits magazine featured TEAM client, Janitronics Facilities Services, in a recent three-part series.

Janitronics has been a full-service provider of janitorial services for nearly 50 years, and during that time, the company has experienced steady growth. With the help of integrated software, the company has been able to maintain success in an industry with low margins and high volumes, as profiled in a recent article from Contracting Profits.


Keeping costs in check.

Janitronics has grown from a staff of six, to more than seven branch locations across upstate New York and Vermont. As with any business, it has experienced growing pains, but with help from TEAM Software’s integrated software solutions, the company is able to manage costs and maximize margins.


Managing attendance.

In an industry with low margins to start, managing staffing costs is crucial to a company’s success. Janitronics is able to do that by using TEAM’s timekeeping and self-service solutions to automate processes and empower employees.


Strengthening relationships.

Janitronics understands their business is more than servicing customer’s facilities — it’s about providing a quality experience throughout the whole process. One way they do this is by providing customers access to inspection reports, the ability to request additional work and more through the use of a web and mobile self-service solution from TEAM.


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