30 Years to Celebrate

February 10, 2019 marks TEAM’s 30th birthday.

In the 1980s, Frank Labedz, the CFO of an Omaha-based janitorial and security company, wanted a way to see the profitability of his job sites. After an exhaustive search for a software solution that didn’t exist, he assembled a small team to develop one-of-a-kind software. They came up with a big idea that had the potential to change the way janitorial and security contractors did business — spoiler alert, it did. On February 10, 1989, Frank, Sherri Labedz and Darrell Uttecht began a new company, what is now TEAM Software, taking their big idea — integrated, industry-specific software — to the market. The company has evolved since those early years, but so much is still the same.

The Evolution of TEAM

To say that technology has changed over the last 30 years is an understatement. From floppy disks and massive computer systems, to cell phones the size of bricks and dial-up internet, today technology is faster, smaller and more advanced than ever before. For TEAM, our product offering no longer requires a hulking computer to process payroll over several days. It’s now a cloud-based holistic software available via laptops or smartphones.

Other things are different, too, including our leadership. Frank was at the helm until 2015 when John Leiferman took over as President and CEO. In 2018, Jill Davie (who started as an intern more than 20 years ago) became President, while John remained as CEO. Also, our ownership has changed. Most recently, TEAM closed its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) chapter and forged a new partnership with Accel-KKR, giving us new opportunities for growth in the future.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

TEAM has been people-focused since day one. Our customers and employees are what make us who we are, so it’s only natural they’re the driving force behind everything we do. This people-focus is present in our mission, our vision and even in our core values — keep customers first, be accountable and do more.

Frank, Sherri and Darrell set the stage by going the extra mile and doing all they could to serve our customers. It’s something that continues today, because it’s in our DNA. It might sound cheesy, but we recognize we’re all on the same team and expect everyone to bring it every day — and we do. We’re people-centric and committed to developing strong, long-term relationships and providing the best customer experience.

And, one way we strengthen and build those customer relationships is by hosting TEAM Client Conference every year. It’s an event that started out with just a handful of customers in a hotel suite 30 years ago and has grown to more than 230 attendees at the 2018 event. But, it’s not just our customers who get value from it. Our employees take advantage of the chance to hear and learn directly from our customers on what challenges they face, so we can take that information and turn it into solutions that meet their needs.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ve included some photos from throughout the years. All these moments have made TEAM the company it is today, and, they’ve set us up for an exciting future as we continue to define what’s next.