TEAM Employee Owner Profile: Jody Stier

Client Liaison Manager and Wonder Woman in Training

We are introducing you to some of our employee owners so you can learn more about their roles at TEAM and what motivates them professionally and personally. After all, what better way to find out about what it’s like to be a TEAM employee owner than going directly to the source?

Jody Stier, a customer-focused fitness fiend, is proud to say she was the 40th TEAM Software employee owner when she was hired in 2010. Over the last eight years, she’s seen the company transform from a small software business into a modern, open and collaborative company with nearly 130 employee owners.

Even though her job titles and departments have changed during her time with TEAM, her focus on our customers has never shifted. She has been in customer service-oriented roles from the start of her career, all the way back to answering the phones at her dad’s company when she was 14. When Jody started at TEAM she was in the Client Services department delivering top-notch software support online and on the phone, and that experience enabled her to develop a deep understanding of TEAM’s solutions and build strong client relationships. Jody now uses her product knowledge and customer-focused strengths as a Client Liaison Manager with the software development group. In that role her goal is to be a voice and an advocate for client and help each department understand what the client experiences. By focusing on the client’s future business plans and how TEAM can serve them better, she helps forge more effective partnerships. Whether it’s a one-, five- or ten-year plan, Jody works with clients to set them up for future success with TEAM’s solutions.

Jody and Family
Jody with her sons

Outside the office, Jody jokes that she serves as an Uber driver for her two middle-school-aged boys, shuttling them to and from football and baseball practice and games. One of the things she appreciates most about being an employee owner at TEAM is the flexibility that allows her to be both Mom and client advocate. Jody is also highly involved in her community where she serves on the board of the local athletic association and volunteers with various community events. When she’s not busy with her kids, Jody trains in the gym and on the pavement in hopes of being the next Wonder Woman. She takes advantage of the fitness center and boot camp classes offered at TEAM and can frequently be seen running the neighborhood by the office over her lunch hour.

It’s hard for Jody to pinpoint just one memorable experience in her eight years at TEAM. But, one of the highlights includes being a part of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Education committee, a team whose goal is to unite TEAM employee owners and educate them on the benefits of being part of an employee owned company. Also making the list of memorable moments include building relationships both with coworkers and clients and a running prank between her and Jill Davie, Senior Vice President of Client Experience that involved fake rats showing up in her office unexpectedly.

Most of all, Jody said she values the employee ownership culture at TEAM because everyone works hard and helps each other, across all levels of the organization.

“It’s not just being part of a team; we respect, trust and care about each other,” she said. And, even though TEAM is continuing to grow, people still genuinely care about each other. That kind of culture is the foundation for how employee owners interact with clients, she said, and at the end of the day, it’s all about the people.

“We take the time to forge relationships and make sure we’re on the same page,” said the Wonder Woman in training, “because we want to make software that serves our clients in the best way possible.”