Employee Profile: Michaela Larson

Forward-Thinking, Adventurous and Committed to Customer Success.

Michaela Larson has been keeping customers first since she joined TEAM as an Implementation Specialist in March 2007. She’s contributed in several customer-focused roles in her time at TEAM and most recently was promoted to Education Manager in October 2018. In her new role, Michaela’s focus is on supporting the success of both our Education Department and our customers. It’s those people who keep Michaela excited to come to work every day.

“We have such a great group of clients and they’re so fun to work with,” said Michaela. “And, it’s easy to work together when we all have the same end goal — to make our customers more productive and more profitable.”

As busy as it gets for Michaela with client trainings and preparing for TEAM Client Conference, she appreciates the sense of fun and focus on employee engagement at TEAM. That’s something that has been consistent during Michaela’s 11-plus years with TEAM.

“Being one of the more tenured employees, I’m so proud of how well we’ve maintained the culture over the years,” Michaela explained. “As companies grow, you expect the employee-driven culture to fade into more of a corporate, buttoned-up atmosphere. But TEAM has never lost sight of our values and what makes us unique. Our people are our core, and that’s not going to change.”

You see our culture present in everything from the hiring process to how people go about their day-to-day lives at work, said Michaela. For any given job opening she’s trying to fill in the Education Department, there might be a dozen people who can do the job. The key to keeping the culture in tact is to find the one person in the bunch who’s going to fit the culture and have that desire to keep customers first.

For Michaela, staying true to our roots is even more important as we continue to grow and keep moving forward. With her eyes on where we’re headed next, Michaela was naturally excited by the announcement earlier this year of Accel-KKR’s strategic investment in TEAM. Policies evolve, and new procedures are put in place, but TEAM is still the customer- and employee-focused place it has been since 1989.

“This is the natural next step for us. As the company grows, this gives us the support we need on the road to continued success. I’m so excited to see what’s next, and I’m excited for everyone here. The people who are here now get to be a part of the beginning of the next chapter,” she said.

As a natural forward-thinker, Michaela also spends time thinking about her next adventure outside the office. And by her side? Her husband and two sons, ages nine and ten. Life with her boys is full of sports, camping and outdoor experiences. Over the summer, Michaela and her family spent two weeks in Mexico on the trip of a lifetime that included swimming with dolphins. And, if Michaela had it her way, they’d constantly be off on a new adventure.

“I would camp every single weekend if it weren’t for the minor detail that my husband hates sleeping in tents,” joked Michaela. “Really, I just love anything and everything outdoors. I like being outside as much as possible.”

In the meantime, Michaela’s focused on her new leadership role and TEAM’s next great adventure in partnership with Accel-KKR.