Employee Profile: Ryan Hansen

Product Manager, Urban Hiker and Problem Solver.

Ryan Hansen, a natural born problem solver, has been with TEAM Software since May 2016. During his time here, he has seen the company continually evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the technology industry. Ryan’s background in data analytics and technical project management led him to his role at TEAM as one of the Product Managers of our new product, Q by TEAM Software. As Ryan puts it, his role exists in between our developers and our clients to connect the development evolution to the product evolution.

“My biggest focus is taking the necessary information from all parties involved to solve the right problem at the right time in the right way. It doesn’t have to be my answer; it just needs to be the right answer,” he said.

While working on Q, Ryan has been a key part of helping TEAM define what’s next with our newest product for small security and janitorial contractors. The product, set to launch formally in January 2019, seems to be hitting the mark with beta customers, Ryan noted. The intelligent scheduling, time and attendance capabilities, and payroll-ready data are features designed straight from extensive industry research and feedback. He credits a stage-gated development process, constant communication with beta customers, and the product development team as a few of the reasons why Q is resonating with the market so well. 

“The best part about how we’re developing Q is that we’re checking in with our beta customers every step of the way to make sure we’re on the right track and that we’re giving them what they need when they need it,” he said. “And, we have enough autonomy and trust from our department that what we’re doing is right for our customers.”

When he’s not channeling his time and energy into finding the latest solutions for our clients, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family and urban hiking — think hiking, but in a city setting — as much as he can. Some of his favorite places to hike include Portland, Chicago, San Francisco and Denver. Visiting a city for a quick weekend trip and really immersing himself in the essence of that place is how Ryan likes to recharge. 

“I like to take the earliest flight I can find, so I can land and be downtown having a cup of coffee somewhere new by 9 a.m.,” Ryan said. “You get to wake up with the city while they’re going to work. There’s no better way to feel the energy of a city than experiencing it like that.”

In addition to a flexible schedule, autonomous work style and the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects, Ryan is proud to work at a company that creates a culture of innovation and creativity. And there are several small, but memorable, things that have added to his experience at TEAM. 

“It’s the little things that add up to the big picture here — things like allowing employees to wear hats in the office or having a kegerator in the innovation space — that might sound insignificant, but they matter,” he said. “It sounds silly, but it’s further proof of TEAM’s commitment to being a modern tech company that values employee freedom and trusts their employees to always Get Stuff Done. It’s not that you need to have a ping pong table in order to prove you’re a tech company. But it does make it more fun.”

More than ping pong, what really makes TEAM unique for Ryan is the combination of 30 years of expertise with fresh talent ready to solve tomorrow’s problems.

“There’s something really special about this place,” he said. “There’s a buzz you can feel and hear, and you know that big things are happening.”