New Year. New Outlook. Same TEAM.

It’s 365 Days of Getting Stuff Done (#GSD) for TEAM Software.

We’ve all been there — the new year always starts out with great momentum and gusto. But, as the days and months pass, that enthusiasm begins to fade until you’re in the last few months of the year, when the flurry of the holidays and the pending new year starts the process over. For TEAM and our employees, 2019 has enough happening that the excitement is sure to last the whole year as we’re focusing on defining, modernizing and celebrating our products, innovation and our company.

Defining what’s next.

2019 marks the first full year working with our strategic partner, Accel-KKR, a technology-focused investment firm. When the partnership was announced in September 2018, TEAM CEO John Leiferman explained how, with Accel-KKR’s help, TEAM can enhance our product strength and deliver unparalleled value to our customers, faster. While this partnership opens new doors for the future of TEAM, we are as committed as ever to our core values — keep customers first, be accountable and do more – even as we define what’s next for our company and our customers.

“As an employee of TEAM, there are two ways to look at the Accel-KKR partnership,” explains Brandy Hoffert, an Implementation Specialist who joined TEAM in 2016.  “From a business perspective, I look at how they’re helping us create a framework to move forward strategically as a modern technology company because I want to see us grow and succeed. But from a personal perspective, I look at the new opportunities for growth available to us and the prospect of delivering even more value to our customers. It’s because of them that I come to work every day.”

Modernizing our expertise.

Speaking of delivering unparalleled value to our customers, TEAM has been #GSDing on quite a few things. To start, we released our latest product — Q by TEAM Software — to the market. It’s developed using Microsoft Azure’s cutting-edge technology along with React and React Native frameworks for web and mobile. We’re also working on an upgraded analytics solution to provide our customers with metrics and key performance indicators that will transform how they make business decisions. It’s built using the same technology as Q, leveraging the Azure Data Lake and U-SQL technology. And, we’ve been adding new features and enhancements to our ERP, including updating our payroll tax engine and opening our system to integrate with other third-party vendors through Concourse, our new API portal, that’s a REST API design on Azure.

“As a developer, using and working with newer technologies means that I can continue to hone and develop my programming skills to remain relevant in my field,” said Dan Kerkman, a Software Development Lead who joined TEAM in 2011. “But, it also means that I’m able to help TEAM create software solutions that help our customers tackle the bigger challenges they face like never before.”

Celebrating our success.

It’s not every day a software company reaches the 30-year mark, especially in today’s startup-inundated tech landscape. Back on February 10, 1989, when TEAM was officially incorporated, computers were hulking pieces of equipment and mobile phones were things of science fiction. But, our founders had a vision that technology could provide a better, more efficient way to do things. And, it did. They developed the prototype for a one-of-a-kind system — what is known today as WinTeam — and changed how businesses across the building service and security industries operated. Our founders grew that vision into a successful company with more than 130 employees. That’s why we’re taking the entire year to celebrate our 30 years of success, including a rocking party with our customers at our annual TEAM Client Conference event in April.

Between our strategic vision supported by our Accel-KKR partnership and our rockstar employees guided by our core values, TEAM’s going to accomplish a lot of amazing things this year. We understand that it’s not just about innovating and creating cool software solutions to solve our clients’ problems – that’s why we celebrate our success and reward our employees for a job well done. To quote Silicon Valley-based speaker and author Guy Kawasaki, we’re “jumping to the next curve” and we can’t wait to see what’s on the other side.