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11/19/15 | 8:00AM | Posted by TEAM Software

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The amount of data in the world is growing exponentially. In fact, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, according to a study done by IBM. Making sense of all that data is no easy task. On a smaller scale, take the data collected everyday across your organization, from transactional data like payments and invoices to job and employee data. Businesses that can synthesize that information and focus on the highest value opportunities are at an advantage. Leveraging Business Intelligence tools can help you delve deeper into that organizational data, and turn it into powerful information for decision makers.

Here are three ways your business can dig deeper with BI:

Visualize data with interactive displays.

Simply having data in a table somewhere isn’t enough. Visualizing the data makes it more meaningful. Because data visualization makes information easier to comprehend at a glance, decision makers can find the information they need faster. And having interactive visuals adds another dimension to data usability. When you can simply change parameters on the interface, it’s easier to create “what-if” scenarios for future decisions, or compare data within different timeframes, for example.

Customize reports for your business needs.

With Business Intelligence tools, you’re not limited to the standard reports that come with your system. You can target the precise information and create reports that meet your specific needs. Margaret Dickinson, Software Manager for TEAM client American Maintenance speaks to BI’s customizability: “BI has given us the ability to create reports we didn’t think would be possible – and we can do it easily as well. It makes the standard WinTeam application [TEAM’s core financial, operations and workforce management solution] customizable, and that’s the golden piece.”

Access reports when and where you need them.

Having information from across your organization is just one part of the equation. Having access to it where and when you need it is equally important. Many BI tools offer flexible accessibility. For example, you can access to reports online or through a mobile app, or receive scheduled reports via email.

With interactive, customizable BI tools available anywhere, anytime, users can find the meaningful information they need to make smart business decisions.

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