Communicating with a Distributed Workforce

New features from TEAM help you inform and engage your employees.

Communication is a key element to creating a workforce of engaged employees. According to Gallup, a leading global research company, engaged employees are defined as, “those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.” Statistics have shown that companies with engaged workers outperform their competitors by more than 202 percent. Moreover, when employees feel connected to their workplace, this creates a more loyal, productive workforce – and that can have serious retention results. However, when your workforce is distributed across multiple locations, the lines of communications become more complicated. And, keeping up with important compliance needs, such as meal break reporting, adds to the difficulty. That’s why TEAM has been adding new features and enhancements to help you streamline your communication process, engage your workforce and meet compliance requirements.


TeamTime Messages

In the spirit of making connecting with and engaging employees easier, we’ve enhanced the TeamTime Messages solution so you can effectively communicate with your field-based employees, collect and record their responses, and automate timely follow up based on those responses. The new enhancements are built into a process your employees are already familiar with – clocking in and out on TeamTime. Plus, the messages are available wherever you collect timekeeping information – on the phone, on TeamTime Portal or on TeamTime for eHub Mobile.


Think of the Messages solution as a quick question-and-response sequence. It works best with questions that can be answered with a simple two-option set like yes or no. After the initial response is received, you have the option to ask a follow-up question based on the response. Then, you decide the next course of action — set up an automated notification to be sent to a targeted group for follow up or bank the information for auditing and reporting.


Use TeamTime Messages to help manage compliance requirements like meal break reporting or safety and job site touch points. Or, you can use it for corporate notifications where you need to report acknowledgement of information or pulse surveys to gain insight into employee engagement.


TeamTime Messages* is available now for all TEAM customers with TeamTime at no additional cost.


Messaging Service

Communication 101: the right message, at the right time, to the right people. With TEAM’s Messaging Service, field supervisors or system administrators can send important information directly to individuals or specific groups of employees via SMS text messages or eHub Mobile app push notification. From important safety or job-site announcements, to holiday or employer-related messages, lines of communication become incredibly efficient.


For example, field supervisors can send a message to all employees they manage or focus the message to only employees at a certain job location. System admins can send corporate global messages that affect all employees or use filters to target specific groups of employees. Since its launch in December 2017, more than 1/3 of TEAM customers have begun using the service. And, we’ve been listening to customer feedback on ways to enhance and incorporate additional functionality.


The Messaging Service* is available for all TEAM eHub customers at no additional cost.


Every employer wants their employees to be engaged and productive in the workplace, whether they are in the home office or representing your company on the job site. Clear, timely communication is a key driver to achieve the results you want and gain commitment across your organization. With TEAM’s latest enhancements and features, it’s now a lot easier.


*Premise-based customers must be on the latest version of TEAM solutions and the eHub Mobile app must be updated to the latest version.