eHub Timekeeping: Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

09/08/15 | 8:00AM | Posted by TEAM Software


products-01Ensuring accuracy, streamlining processes and effective workforce management are key components to running a business efficiently, especially when it comes to handling timekeeping. eHub, TEAM’s employee self-service solution, gives employees and supervisors in the field the tools, including access to timekeeping records, to make a noticeable impact in these areas of the business. Jesse Kreitzman, TEAM Software Product Adoption Manager, focused on these features in a blog series where he discussed three lesser-known or “hidden gem” eHub features that can maximize a business’s timekeeping processes using industry best practices.

Previewing Paycheck Hours Helps Reduce Payroll Errors

Payroll errors can have big costs associated with them. MICR cartridges, printer paper, stamps, bank fees, administrative staff, employee and customer satisfaction, turnover — the list goes on. These costs are all avoidable, though. One eHub timekeeping feature enables you to provide your employees and supervisors with a “preview” of their paycheck hours prior to paycheck processing. This reduces payroll errors by giving you pre-check-printing corrections and a full audit trail of changes and approval ability. Read more about this feature.

Matching Work Tickets to Timekeeping Jobs to Maximize Job Budgets

Another aspect of eHub’s timekeeping functionality allows you to associate work tickets with employee time records to facilitate budgeting and work ticket profitability analysis. If you’re already using this feature, you know that work tickets can be associated with time records for any job, not just the job the work ticket was scheduled for. This add-on security feature ensures that work tickets associated with a job can be assigned only to time records at that same job. It isn’t stock functionality because there are times where you might need the flexibility to make changes to the work ticket’s job on the fly. Read more about this feature.

In-Field Timekeeping Approval Can Increase Accountability and Accuracy

It used to be standard practice for many organizations to approve time records from a centralized location, like a branch or corporate office. This ensured complete direction of the process and highly visible, easily auditable and efficient results, at least from a time perspective. Records were approved in large batches, often all at a single point in time, which increased the efficiency of the payroll process and delivering checks and direct deposits to employees. However, if individuals approving time records were not operationally-focused, they may not have been able to find errors before paychecks were generated. While it’s easy to spot a $50/hour pay rate or identify employees with 80 hours in a single week, it’s not so easy to identify the most common cause of time theft: buddy-punching. By allowing supervisors to approve timekeeping via eHub, you reduce the impact of buddy-punching by putting the time records in front of individuals who can identify whether employees were actually on-site as they claim. Read more about this feature.

Leveraging these features can help your business manage timekeeping more effectively and reduce labor and administrative costs.

In addition to timekeeping features, eHub contains other tools to help you run your business efficiently. Watch the video below to learn about the other capabilities of eHub.


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