Making the Connection: Employee Ownership Month 2016

10/12/16 | 10:00AM | Posted by TEAM Software

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TEAM Software has been employee owned since 2007, and we’ve been celebrating employee ownership month alongside other members of the ESOP Association every October since. Our theme this year is “Making the Connection.” This theme focuses on how employee ownership is the connecting thread between the value we create for our clients and the continued success of our company.


Here’s how that works:

Because we’re owners, we contribute to the collective culture and sustainable success of our company. This ownership attitude or “own it” mentality drives our business. This kind of mentality doesn’t only benefit us internally — it also has significant benefits for our clients. Whether it’s making decisions, interacting with our clients or overcoming challenges, we’re literally invested in our work and are focused on ensuring our mutual long-term success.


“Being an employee-owned company adds an extra incentive for employees to do their best work,” said Ryan Zulkoski, a software developer and member of TEAM’s ESOP Education Committee. “Successes, whether those of an individual employee owner or an entire department, are felt companywide and it really adds to the camaraderie of TEAM — knowing that we’re all in this together as we provide value for our customers and ultimately our company.”


October is a special time for us to recognize the importance of being part of an employee-owned company. While we celebrate through hosting potlucks, friendly competitions and giving back to the community, we also like to reflect on how much employee ownership affects the way we work, how we treat each other and how we build relationships with our clients. It’s a foundational part of how we do business and, in a lot of ways, is what sets us apart from other software providers.

And that’s a great reason to celebrate.



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