Why You Need Commercial Cleaning Software with Mobile Access

Achieve better insight into your workforce and better transparency across your business.

We may have turned the corner on a new year, but the same challenges still persist for contract cleaning business owners like you. In fact, you may be facing additional challenges as more private and public places reopen with new reporting requirements and heightened cleaning expectations. It may not seem like it, but now is the perfect time to reevaluate your commercial cleaning software.

For one, is your technology’s mobile access all it could be? Is your distributed workforce truly being supported by a system that supports their ability to do their jobs and deliver on your service level agreements and customer needs? Here are three key aspects of mobile access any cleaning company needs from their technology in order for it to work with their distributed workforce, not against it.

Scheduled Work Monitoring

When your cleaners are covering a lot of ground across your contract locations, it’s easy to lose track of the who and where aspects of every job. That’s why location-tracking is fundamental to much of the service you provide. It lets you know what areas are being serviced, and at what frequency, while identifying areas or assignments that are getting missed. Look for a mobile solution that uses one or more methods to track cleaner location, leveraging tech like GPS and geo-fences to create digital perimeters around properties, so you can prove to your clients when your cleaners are onsite and how often they service locations.

Task Tracking

It’s not enough for your cleaners to only know where they’re supposed to be. They also need to know what to do once they get there. And as a cleaning contractor, you have recurring and nonrecurring work, so you need a system that can handle both with easy-to-access activity logs, incident reports and inspections. Mobile service delivery software should be equipped with forms available through an app for your cleaners to record tasks and cleaning activity at their sites, and then submit the data for real-time reporting. Your technology should also alert you when scheduled tasks are missed so you can follow up and ensure you’re delivering quality service and satisfying your customers.

Analytics and Real-Time Reporting

With all of this information from your distributed workforce available to your managers and back-office as it happens, both of your teams are able to come together as a united front. You can respond to incidents faster and monitor all your tasks and rotations for small incidents before they become bigger issues. By collecting this information over time, you end up with a detailed and accurate history of your service delivery, which you can analyse for successes and improvements.

The mobile access you need from your commercial cleaning software creates transparency across your business that translates to better relationships with your customers. To read more on the building blocks of service delivery and key aspects to look for in commercial cleaning software, download our service delivery cheat sheet for cleaning contractors.