How Integrated Technology Maximises Efficiency and Automation

In a time when uncertainty and competition are monopolising your efforts, you need access to the right tools from your enterprise software to streamline your business.

An integrated enterprise software solution connects your business’s financial, operations and workforce management components so you’re able to do better work, faster. And by automating your operations and leveraging information from across your organisation, your staff can do more of what’s important — providing your customers with the best possible service.

Customer Self Service

Increase transparency up front, reduce response time and show accountability to your customers with an integrated self-service solution. You can achieve all these things by simply giving them access to the information they need when they need it. They can view electronic invoices, job information, time and attendance information and schedules, and review reports with turnover, roster and compliance information. They can also request additional work or coverage and see up-to-date request statuses, and perform inspections, complete surveys and see results and deficiency statuses. They’ll also be able to sign off on inspections and work tickets.

Quality Assurance

You know you’re providing first-class service to your customers. Back up your claim by sharing evaluations of your services with your customers before they ask for it with quality assurance features like audits and simple question-and-answer lists. With simple scoring and assessment features, audits are used for inspections so you can easily analyse the services delivered at a particular location. Combined with mobile forms, which facilitate simple question and responses, you can trigger workflows to make sure information is being routed, escalated, recorded and reported based on the action steps required and proving the work was done — and to standard — in a timely manner.

Compliance Management

You know qualified employees can make or break a service business. Being able to confidently say all your employees are trained and certified, with data and reports to back up those statements, ensures your customers are informed and provides incentive for potential customers to go with you as their service provider. When your technology solution offers compliance tracking, tracking and updating that information is seamless. Plus, things like automatic alerts when an employee doesn’t meet scheduled job certification requirements keep you in-the-know and allows you to prevent problems from happening.

When your company operates more efficiently, you’re able to see benefits and pass them along to your customers, making it a win-win for everyone. Taking measures to drive profitability and enable growth through efficiency and automation is not only a good idea, it’s a necessity in today’s competitive and constantly-shifting business landscape. To learn how one company uses integrated technology from an enterprise software solution to streamline their business and win customers, download our recent case study.