Security Scheduling Software Optimises Business Growth for AsPro

AsPro, a security services company based in the United Kingdom, provides high-level, registered manned officers to service a wide range of industries across four regions. As the company grew, it was important their reputation for delivering reliable security solutions to their customers remained unchanged.

As a growing business, however, AsPro found as new staff were employed, the administration of the officers dispersed across their four regions of operation became more difficult. Key activities such as rostering, payroll, scheduling and invoicing became more complex and time intensive, with AsPro’s administrative team spending up to four days collating paperwork and information for each officer, checking against work schedules before transferring and reentering data into other software applications. In total, the time between when the officer submitted their timesheet in the post at the end of the working week and when the wages process was completed could take three or four working days. As the company grew and the pressures of a growing workload in a static window of time increased, AsPro saw more instances of human error in this manual payroll process.

AsPro implemented Timegate, a global workforce management platform by TEAM Software that specialized in payroll and security scheduling software for service contractors. The solution was implemented after a consultative approach, looking at both short and long-term needs and the ability to accommodate a continuously growing business.

Timegate’s security scheduling software streamlined AsPro’s operation, removing manual steps and replacing them with automated processes. As a result, a process that used to take three or four working days to complete now took the administrative team 10 minutes. Through Timegate, AsPro created a seamless integration from operation to invoice, delivering accurate data straight to finance and human resource departments, improving billing response and optimising the time and attendance aspect of AsPro’s workforce management.

By enabling automated processes, AsPro was also better able to utilise their human resource capital, freeing up the time of four back-office staff members who’d previously been tasked with working on one small element of administration for each officer. Hazel McGuiness, a member of AsPro’s administration team, said, “Officers now enter their data into the system from wherever they are, and we know it’s accurate and fair. The system gives us real-time information in a dashboard format which is easy to use and understand, allowing my colleagues and I to process wages and invoices, together with the complete scheduling and performance tracking sequence, at the push of a button.”

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